Trias Weekly Report (July 12th, 2021 — July 18th, 2021)

3 min readJul 19, 2021

It has been a productive week as always for Trias. We have never been so motivated before and we think the best way to move forward is to keep the building. Community updates and the technical progress in last week are as follows:

Community Updates

1.The rewards of the airdrop for the updates on Triathon have been sent to the 50 lucky winners. Check the winners’ list here:

2.Trias 101 quiz has been launched on July 14th to help Triasurers learn more about Triathon. From July 14th to 18th, 10 questions were asked in total and 5 winners were selected in the TG group ( every day. Triasurers were active in finishing the quiz. The rewards will be sent out in batches. Join us to review the quiz.

3.The problem of not being able to stake TRIAS when applying for Grant 3 has been solved. Four more volunteers have applied for the anti-fraud program. Details:

Development Updates

(Note some of these GitHub links need the verifier’s permission to be viewed. You are welcome to apply for Trias’s verifier program)

1.The jp and swiper extension versions of TriasBeta have been updated.

2.The delete function of asset search box function has been optimized and added on the Trias alliance chain version node.

3.The text of Triathon page has been editted.

4.The display of the navigation bar on Trias official website has been adjusted.

5.The node asset management bug has been fixxed on the Trias alliance chain version.

6.The integration test document of ethermint version has been edited and updated.

7.The account status drop-down box has been added on Trias node asset account details.

8.The mq-oatserver log compression on Trias alliance chain version has been optimized to reduce the ram.




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