Trias Weekly Report (January 4th, 2022 — January 10th, 2022)

Community Updates


1. The testnet of Trias eco-project Tusima has been launched and open for initial testing. Tusima aims to be an Ethereum-compatible public chain created by Trias community and will also bridge all other Ethereum-compatible public chains and improve them on Trias -1 layer.

Tusima official website:

Tusima Explorer:

Explore Tusima by claiming $TSM at the Faucet:

2. Tusima Testnet Wallet configuration has been launched. Participate in it to get GEON:


1. The staking system has been upgraded. Both user experience and rewards have been improved. Details:


1. A thread explaining why Ethanim is important has been published. Details:

Technical Updates


1. The URL configuration of Trias Mainnet has been optimized and the “/” suffix of TEE URL configuration has been removed.

2. The setup readme has been updated on layer L of Trias Mainnet.


1. The encrypted communication code has been modified.

2. The returned error types have been optimized and modified.


1. The display of staking NFTs has been added to Triathon official website.

2. The gas fee has been optimized.

3. The function of obtaining testing events from blockchains has been added to the testing framework.

4. The process of transmitting data in NFT activities to the background has been optimized.

5. The partselling has been added to the backend of the Fixed Price function.

6. The function of Fixed Price has been added to the Market.



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