Trias Weekly Report (January 25th, 2022 — January 31st, 2022)

Community Updates


1. An article on the meaning and value of Triathon has been published. Triathon is not only a crowd-sourcing chain testing platform, but also a platform to deploy codes, to earn rewards, to realize automated auditing and ITO. Details:


1. The first phase of Triathon Mystery Boxes has been launched and ended successfully. Within 3 hours, 1000 boxes were sold out for 1,400 TRIAS and 600,000 GEON

2. The Word Connect Contest has been launched, participate in the contest to win from a 20,000GEON prize pool.

Read more:

3. The Fix Price has been launched. Test it out here:


4. The article of Travelers Journal: Mysteries Unravel in the Marketplace has been published. Details:

5. Triathon has passed the iF Online Preselection and the score was 345 points, which was above the qualifying score of 75 points. Details:

6. An article on the P2E testing infra, Triathon uses test cases as weapons to attack the target chain and spot bugs. Details:

7. Three new ship NFTs have been launched, try to build your ship with hulls and parts. Details:


1. Tokyo Press Conference on launching Trias eco-project Ethanim Metaverse infrastructure has been announced. Details:

2. The Ethanim Developer Incentive Program has been launched. It will provide funding and resources to expand the Ethanim ecosystem. Apply here:

Technical Updates


1. The log system of Layer L of Trias Mainnet has been optimized to support the log separation and outdated deletion.

2. The function to alter the subscription Trias Ladder on Trias-BSC version has been migrated.

3. The function of printing the super-consensus log information on Trias Layer L has been optimized.

4.The tri_ranking rpc interface logic of consensus of Trias super nodes has been adjusted.

5. The bug that the log of Trias-BSC version can’t be printed to standard output has been fixed.

6. The public key logic of Trias-BSC nodes has been optimized and analyzed.


1. The pages of General, Governance and Community have been developed, adjusted to different sizes and optimized.



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