Trias Weekly Report (January 18th, 2022 — January 24th, 2022)

3 min readJan 24, 2022

Community Updates


1. An article on how Ethanim changed the consensus method in the standard blockchain based on Trias layer -1 has been published. Details:

2. The demonstration of eternalizing the applications on Ethanim has been launched. Details:


1. Triathon Fixed Price has been previewed. The user can set the price and the on-shelf availability through Fixed Price.

2.Triathon Mystery Boxes have been previewed. Please stay tuned! Details:

3.“Mystery Box Fill in the Blank” event has ended, and rewards have been sent to winners.

4. An article about Travelers Journal that has been published. Read the article to find out what Mysteries have Unfolded from the Box of Wonders:

5. The second phase of “Show off Your Stake Record” has ended. and rewards have been issued to winners.

6. The mysterious Artwork NFT inside the Mystery Box was revealed and they’re in production. Details:

Technical Updates

Trias Mainnet

1. The function of defining GRPC interface has been tested.

2. The GRPC inquiry service has been added to Trias-BSC (edited version).

3. The faucet of Trias-BSC testnet has been optimized.

4. The quota of Faucet has been updated.

5. The pending check of Trias-BSC trading pool has been added.


1. The overview, governance and community pages have been developed.


1.Triathon testnet issue has been optimized.

2. Selling rules for Triathon NFT Fixed Price and Artwork NFT have been optimized.




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