Trias Weekly Report (January 17th, 2023 –January 30th, 2023)

5 min readJan 30, 2023

Due to Chinese New Year in the last week, we combined the updates of the past two weeks into one weekly report.


Community Updates

  1. GEON Public Sale has been launched for a limited time of 24 hours.

2. The GEON public sale has ended, and all GEON of participating users have been distributed.

3. The first Community Development Committee has been announced.

4. The New Year $500 Giveaway event has ended and the rewards have been distributed.

5. An article about the Rubic protocol attack incident has been published.

6. The community management rules have been announced at Discord.

7. Greetings from the Triathon community! Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year!

8. The Parts Carnival has been launched and will be a permanent activity from now on.

9. Good news: More than 9,800 Ship NFTs have been built!

10. The top 10 winners of the latest Parts Carnival have been announced.

11. The review of security incidents in the second half of 2022 has been released.

Technical Updates

  1. The function of trust_tmwarm in the upgrade version has been improved.

2. If a transaction change occurs while sending a transaction, the system will treat the transaction as a duplicate and cause the transaction to time out and fail. This issue has been fixed.

3. The guardian script for tm chain stability was tuned.

4. The Triathon contract abi file has been modified.

Regarding the CORE platform

  1. The Home page ui animation has been added.

2. The Twitter share popup box has been modified and the text has been scaled.

3. The contract detection bug has been fixed.

4. Testing services have been modified.

5. The detection status API has been changed.

6. The API abnormal message has been handled.

7. The user’s current uploading rules have been determined.


Community Updates

1. Bastet New Beginnings Campaign has concluded.

2. The Weekend Trivia Night With Ethanim has concluded.

3. Ethanim Chinese New Year Campaign is in preparation.

4. Ethanim Trivia Night Rewards have been issued.

5. Ethanim Chinese New Year Campaign is in preparation.

6. The community-reported issues and bugs are being looked at.

Technical Updates

1.The problem that the format of earnings data displayed on the large screen did not match the demand was fixed.

2.Scrolling the screen when there is a lot of data in the list will block the shortcut keys at the top of the screen. This issue has been fixed.

3.Online data: when switching to “year”, the time should be in years.

4.Redemption: The maximum value of the redemption input box needs to be increased, the maximum value that can be input is the redemption amount of the current address.

5. Claim earnings: When the amount available for collection is 0, the button should be grayed out.

6. My Computing Power: When the user stakes 6400, “My Computing Power” is incorrectly calculated.

7. Problem solved: When it is needed to scroll the screen to see the full content, the top shortcut keys of the screen will be covered.


Community Updates

  1. @TusimaNetwork ✖️ @MetaVoizzGlobal joint event has been held.
  2. We are in communication with the JPY Stablecoin project.

Technical Updates

1. The technical white paper’s initial edition has been completed.

2. Tusima’s official website v2.0 is under development.

3. The new token test contract is being written.

4. More language versions of Tusima’s official website v2.0 are under development.

5. The technical white paper’s initial edition has been completed.

6. The new token test contract is being written.

7. The configuration of the pressure test environment has been completed.

Product Development

1. Tusima protocol standards and bug specifications are being written.

2. Tusima’s official website improvement suggestions are being collected.

3. Tusima intellectual property filing documents are being written.

4. Tusima’s official website v2.0 is being tested.




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