Trias Weekly Report (February 22nd, 2022–February 28th, 2022)

Community Updates

1.Serial infographics about the $Trias Universe economics have been published. Details:

2.An article about the staking mechanism in Trias ecosystem has been published. Details:


1.An article about the various characters of APE NFT has been published. Details:

2.The APE NFT Avatar Contest has been launched and 10 Whitelist Spots for Triathon APE NFT have been awarded. Details:

3.Triathon Part NFTs Carnival will come soon:

4.An article about how Triathon serves as a blockchain evaluation for everyone has been published. Details:

3. An article about how MainStage plays the role of the blockchain security guardian has been published. Details:


The Ethanim metaverse infrastructure launch event has been hosted in Tokyo, and the guests have delivered inspiring speeches:

Technical Updates

1.The architecture of the official website has been refactored.

2.Test files have been added and normalized as required.

3.NFT landing page has been optimized.

Trias Alliance Chain

1.The Chinese national secret version of the Fabric modification interface has been added.

2.The Chinese national secret hash algorithm has been used.

3.The national secret hash algorithm identifier has been modified.

4.The national secret algorithm option has been added when judging the hash algorithm type.

5.Fabric go SDK based on State Secret has been implemented.



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