Trias Weekly Report (February 21st, 2023 –February 27th, 2023)

3 min readFeb 27, 2023


Community Updates

  1. An analysis of CoWSwap attack has been released.

Technical Updates

  1. The page_size has been added to detect records.

2. The newly added detection rewards will be sent to the designated official address.

The items listed below are about the Dual-chain:

  1. The monitor browser now contains a new feature for checking whether a node is live or not.

2. Monitor Browser: wrong data about the get_visualization tm have been fixed.

3. Trustnode_auto_validator: To prevent the wrong file configuration when the process was destroyed, it was adjusted.

4. The CheckNodesTask cache has been improved in order to get the configuration of trusted addresses and get the Trias Ranking URLs.


Community Updates

  1. A formal partnership between Element and Ethanim Network has been established.

2. Reports and feedback from community users are being investigated and processed. We will also be notified of product updates at that time. Please wait.

Technical Updates

The smart contract about buying drawing times has been modified.


Community Updates

1.TusimaDAO was included in the Top 100 community airdrop list of @Collab_Land_. The community has submitted a $COLLAB airdrop distribution proposal and voting is in progress.

Technical Updates

1. The identity privacy optimization scheme is under research.

2. Interactive zero-knowledge proof solution is under research.

3. The stress test is currently 20% complete.

Product Development

1. Tusima’s privacy application scenarios are under discussion.

2. The structure of the technical white paper has been adjusted.




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