Trias Weekly Report (February 1st, 2022 — February 7th, 2022)

Community Updates


1. The interview of Dr.Jin, Trias academic advisor and Oxford professor, with Coinpost, the most influential crypto media in Japan has been published.


2. An infographic on how TRIAS holders can benefit from Trias eco-project Ethanim has been published. Check the benefits you can get here:


1. Triathon Word Connect Contest has ended today. Winners will be announced the rewards will be allocated soon. Details:

2. A giveaway about Trias ape NFT has been launched. Participate to win 1000 $GEON:

3. An article on Triathon dual chain structure has been published. Details:


1. The guest speakers of the Press Conference to launch Ethanim Metaverse Infrastructure have been previewed. Hiroyuki Morikawa, professor of the University of Tokyo and executive officer of DONUTS Co., Ltd., will give speeches.


Technical Updates


1. The problem is that it shows the wrong pop-up window when users conduct the first mystery box drawing on the official website of Triathon and it shows the result of the last blind box when drawing a new one has been solved.

2. The function of the mystery box has been updated and the tool to forge mystery boxed in batches has been developed. Details:


1. The text on Ethanim official website has been updated.


1. The number of optimized digits of the transfer balance has been submitted and it supports now.

2. The public key to obtain tm nodes list has been optimized.

3. The reserved assets on the miner’s account have been added in the creation configuration of Trias-BSC testnet.

4. The function of testing automatic mining by script has been added.



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