Trias Weekly Report (February 14th, 2023 –February 20th, 2023)

4 min readFeb 20, 2023


Community Updates

  1. Triathon Contract Detection (customer’s version) has come online.

2. Triathon roadmap 2023 has been unveiled.

3. The Mystery box event rewards have been distributed. Thank you all for your participation!

Technical Updates

  1. New token testing API has been developed.

2. Risk items in the test results will be collected and presented.

3. New database has been created in SQL and readme has been added.

4. The dockerfile has been modified; tokens on the ETH chain can also be tested on CORE.

5. Logic errors of detection details API have been modified.

6. Error msg for the detection results has been modified.

7. The time zone has been updated.

8. The home page of the Token detection has been updated.

9. Some known detection bugs have been fixed.

10. The Contract Detection entry has been modified.


Community Updates

1. Bastet Valentine giveaway has concluded and rewards have been sent.

2. Ethanim Network has officially entered a partnership with Element.

3. Community-reported problems and errors are being investigated.

Technical Updates

  1. A new module in the navigation bar has been added and the style has been scaled.

2. The domain of the Ethanim interface has been changed.

3. Problem solved: Quasi-production environment — financial records: claim list, redemption operation completed, “total amount received” data not shown.

4. Problem solved: [Mining demonstrator] Stake/Claim Pop-ups: Token balance needs to be displayed using the three-digit subsection method

5. Problem solved: [Mining demonstrator] Quasi-production environment — Mining Demonstration page: Radar not displayed.


Community Updates

1. Tusima’s Valentine’s Day celebration with @taskonxyz, @Auth3MetaMirr, and 16 other partners has been held.

2. The latest data about the Tusima community and Testnet has been released.

3. Community member contribution points on the Tusima Testnet account have been updated!

Technical Updates

1. The identity privacy optimization scheme is under research.

2. Interactive zero-knowledge proof solution is under research.

3. The stress test preparations have been completed.

Product Development

1. The points of Tusima community members have been counted and updated.

2. Tusima’s privacy application scenarios are under discussion.




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