Trias Weekly Report (December 7th, 2021 — December 13th, 2021)

Community Updates

1. On December 7th, Trias CEO AMA has been held. Dr. Anbang Ruan previewed Trias mainnet 3.0 and its nodes, ecosystem and plan. Here is the recap:

2. A quiz about Trias CEO AMA on mainnet has been held.

3. The article on how Trias improved Binance Smart Chain with trusted technology has been released. Details:

4. A talk on the Japanese NFT regulations between Kitano, CEO of Trias Japan and Dr.Kumadani from GVA Law office has been held. Details:

5. Trias Avatar Design Contest ended with 153 works submitted. All the works have been shown in the Trias Art Gallery. Details:

6. The result of Trias Content Contest IV has been published. Details:

7. The number of addresses holding TRIAS on BSC has increased to 4868 last week. Note: the top 2 holders are all the TRIAS held on Kucoin, which combines all TRIAS trading users into two accounts and serves as the cross-chain bridge for HECO, ERC20 and BEP20.


1.Triathon Farm has been launched. Now chain-testing is on. Players can stake NFTs to test chains on Triathon and earn rewards in GEON: Here is the guide:

2.Triathon NFT parts to synthesize ships can be bought directly from the Carnival:

3. The NFT staking rewards have been adjusted after the team took feedback from the community. Details:

Technical Updates

1. The compatibility of http request form for Trias mainnet has been optimized.

2. The function of encrypted communication has been added to Trias mainnet.

3. The PRC communication of Trias-BSC trusted Ladder has been added to Trias mainnet.

4. The network problem that nodes that go online from offline can’t participate in verifier election when trusted main nodes communicate p2p on Trias-BSC testnet has been solved.

5. Trias-BSC validation profile has been added to Trias Mainnet.

6. The function of trustno TM nodes has been added to Trias-BSC chain.


1. The function of buying NFT parts for 2 TRIAS each has been added.

2. The page of Triathon battleground has been added.

3. The contract for buying NFT parts has been developed.

4. The front end of buying NFT parts has been developed.



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