Trias Weekly Report (December 28th, 2021 — January 3rd, 2022)

Community Updates


1. An article on Trias Metaverse has been published: Trias Mainnet is made up of 7 eco-projects in the Trias ecosystem. Each project has its own value proposition, technical architecture, token economy, applications and ecosystem. Details:

2. An illustration on NetX has been published by Trias CEO on LinkedIn. The Chian-Native Internet for the Digital Living of Trustworthy and Reliable Autonomous System will be built. Here is the detail:

3. Trias 2021 review has been released. 2021 has been a challenging but fruitful year for Trias. Thanks to all Triasurers for supporting us. Here is the review:

4. Ethanim, one of the 7 eco-projects in Trias ecosystem has been launched in Trias roadshow. As a metaverse infrastructure, Ethanim helps metaverses last forever without being controlled by any organization or individual. Here is the recap of roadshow:

5. Another eco-project Tusima has been introduced by Trias CEO Dr. Anbang Ruan in Triathon AMA. As one of the seven chains, Tusima aims to be an Etheruem-compatible public chain created by the participation of Trias community and will also bridge all other Ethereum-compatible public chains and improve them on the $Trias -1 layer.

6. Two quiz events have been launched. Participate in the events to win $TRIAS and Triathon NFT parts.

Ethanim quiz:

Trias quiz:

7. An airdrop event has ended and winners will be announced and receive the rewards soon. Here is the detail:

8. The winners’ list of Trias Christmas event has been announced. Congratulations to all the winners and the sneakers will be sent out as soon as possible after you fill out the form. Details:

9. The number of addresses holding TRIAS on BSC has increased to 5335 last week. Note: the top 2 holders are all the TRIAS held on Kucoin, which combines all TRIAS trading users into two accounts and serves as the cross-chain bridge for HECO, ERC20 and BEP20.


1. A CEO AMA has been held. In the AMA, Dr. Anbang Ruan shared Triathon outlook, EGON token and Tusima with the community. Here is the recap:

2.Mainstage of Triathon testing framework has been launched on Battleground and an event to join it has been released. Participate to get 1000 GEON each:

3. An article on the red-blue simulation on Battleground has been published. details:

4.Triathon Vlog Contest has been launched. participate to get GEON:


1. The social media channels of Ethanim have been set up. Follow Ethanim to keep updated:

2. Ethanim whitepaper has been released. Read the whitepaper to explore the vision, utility, tokenomics and roadmap of Ethanim:

Technical Updates

1. The consensus of Trias super node has been upgraded to the latest version of tendermint.


1. Part of the code details of BSC has been modified according to the testing feedback of Trias-BSC version.

2. The function of checking whether the signature is empty has been added.

3. Trusted configuration item for Trias-BSC has been added.

4. Fields related to Trias Ladder have been added in the Trias-BSC block.

6. Trias-BSC has been optimized and the validator has been changed according to Trias Ladder.

7. The type of block proto of Trias-BSC has been modified.


1. The first version of the home page has been developed.

2. The back end of the testing framework has been developed.

3. The back end of the faucet has been developed.


1. The back-end recorder of ReSA contract has been developed.

2. A new staking contract of composing NFTs has been developed.



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