Trias Weekly Report (December 14th, 2021 — December 20th, 2021)

Community Updates


1. The article on how nodes are selected in Trias network has been published. Details:

2. Trias Christmas event has been launched. The top 10 referrals win Trias sneakers and a lucky winner will be selected to receive 12.25 TRIAS ($110). Details:

3. The second quiz on Trias Mainnet has been released. Participate in the quiz to win armors:

4. The rewards of Trias Content Contest have been allocated. Here is the list of the grades and allocation:


1. Tests for BSC and its Trias-enhanced chains have been conducted on Battleground. Details:

2. Three new Triathon NFTs have been launched. Details:

3. The function of upgrading NFTs to increase their HP has been launched. Details:

Technical Updates

Trias Mainnet

1. The function of encrypted communication has been added to Trias-BSC-enhanced chains.

2. The function of whitelist checking has been altered to be skipped when skip_check is true.

3. The plaintext trust IP has been added to the block.

4. Trias Ladder of the last time has been set to be available if Ladder of this time can’t be acquired.

5. The BSC public key has been resolved.

6. The path to the trusted file of parameter configuration has been added.

Trias Ecology

1. The front end of the testing framework has been developed. (Adding app, modifying app, optimizing project problems and dealing with bugs)

Trias Alliance Chain

1. Tea project: The interface parameters to obtain data on the front-end page.

2. Tea Project: The function of integrated search on table components and pagination has been added.

3. Tea project: The function of creating table components and selecting components has been added.

4. Tea Project: The directory structure has been modified.


1. The Geon swap contract has been developed.

2. The front end of Triathon has been developed.

3.Triathon Battleground has been developed.

4. The management interface of the testing framework has been added.

5.Triathon SwapAuction has been developed.



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