Trias Weekly Report (August 9th, 2022–August 15th, 2022)

5 min readAug 15, 2022



Community Updates

  1. NetX series The Story of E (III) and (IV) have been published.

Technical Updates (Fabric)

  1. The Fabric client has been abstracted and the features of query, contract invocation, and event monitoring have been realized.

2. The feature that the chain gateway will be called and the request status will be updated after the data on the chain has been added.

3. Fabric block event listener has been developed.


Community Updates

  1. An analysis regarding the Nomad Bridge was hacked has been released. Learn more:

2. Triathon mobile came online in the test environment. Join the community to learn more:

Marketing & Partnerships

  1. Triathon has reached a strategic partnership with the Planet Of The Hares.

Technical Updates


Triathon Moblie:

  1. The lottery mode page and popups of the ITO module have been optimized.

2. The tech team has continued to fix mobile version bugs.

3. The shift of BSC staking rounds has been changed. The hull name randomly generated in the Forge module has been fixed.

4. Some bugs in the Market of Triathon have been fixed.

5. Some UI bugs in the Market module have been fixed.

6. Onchain bugs are fixed. The validator score list displays have been distinguished from the validator information. Thus, the score of the blockhead validator can be displayed even when the tm is abnormal.

7. If the number of validator nodes is less than 3, the transaction will not be sent for the change.

Product Development

  1. Triathon’s mobile website development and testing acceptance have been completed.
  2. The new version of Triathon has been planned.


Community Updates

  1. Ethanim finished the reissue of the 2nd Batch of 10K Bastet NFTs Giveaway Rewards.

2. “Ethanim DAO” Phase I rewards have been issued.

Technical Updates

  1. The Bastet NFT mobile website copy has been adjusted.

2. Jump links have been replaced on the Bastet NFT website for both English and Japanese languages.

3. Popups have been added to the quiz and NFT-buying page on the Bastet NFT website.

4. Popup text has been added to the Bastet NFT website.

5. Information about kits has been updated and prompts have been added to the Bastet NFT website.

6. The development of Ethanim Network v2.0 has started.


Community Updates

1. The @Trias_One 20K FOLLOWERS celebrating giveaway has been held.

2. An article ‘Exploring Zero-Knowledge Proof Technology and Application Direction’ has been posted.

3. The operations guild is planning an AMA event.

Technical Updates

1. Tusima block explorer homepage is currently under development.

2. The style of Tusima faucets is currently being designed.

3. Our tech team is compiling the technical modules of the white paper.

4. Privacy technology options are being researched and discussed.

Product Development

1. The UI design of Tusima dApp Wallet is in process.

2. The MVD approach is being designed.




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