Trias Weekly Report (August 30th, 2022–September 5th, 2022)


  1. $TRIAS Holders rewarding event has been launched. The rewards have been sent to winners and the winners’ list will be announced soon.

2. An event to reward $TRIAS holders with Ethanim Network has been launched. There is still a chance to enter:

3. NetX series The Story of E (finale) and Low-Code Development have been published.


  1. Triathon ship staking has been re-launched at 10:00 (UTC+0) on September 1, 2022. Check more.

2. A new ship giveaway activity has ended and the list of winners has been released.

  1. The mystery box raffling algorithm has been modified and the gas fee has been optimized.

2. Some bugs on ITO mobile have been fixed.

3. The routing page of minting’s whitelist has been added.

4. The mint function on mobile has been scaled and a new way of smart contract calling has been added.

5. Bugs of names of minting apes have been fixed. Some bugs on the page have also been fixed.

  1. Internal review of C-terminal official website PRD
  2. The bug handling progress of the staking function has been followed up.


  1. Bastet NFT Giveaway (Phase Ⅱ) — Invitation to get Lucky Draws Campaign: rewards have been distributed.

2. Bastet NFT Giveaway Ⅱ: Bastet NFT Kits Lottery (phase Ⅱ): rewards have been distributed.

3. Bastet NFT Giveaway Ⅱ — Bastet NFT Kits Lottery (Phase Ⅲ) has been launched.

4. Bastet NFT Giveaway Ⅱ — Invitation to get Kits(Phase Ⅲ) has been launched.

  1. Ethanim website v2.0: Some content has been modified.

2. Ethanim website v2.0: banner images have been modified.

3. Bastet NFT Phase two development: the script has been added to verify the user’s wallet address.


1. The Operations guild is discussing incentives for community members

2. Three TusimaDAO community tasks have been published.

1. Layer 1 address transfer has been added to Tusima wallet.

2. New API has been developed to enable getting transaction information from the transaction hash.

1. The MVD Mission Bounty Platform is under construction.

2. The MVD flow chart has been designed.

3. The link between the official website, wallet, and browser has been designed.



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