Trias Weekly Report (August 2nd, 2022–August 8th, 2022)

4 min readAug 8, 2022



Community Updates

  1. Trias H1 Review has been published. We not only reviewed the progress in the past half year, but also set our roadmap for the following months.

2. NetX series The Story of E(I) and (II) have been published.

3. $TRIAS has been listed as one of the top 5 bullish trends on the $USDT pair by

4. The giveaway to celebrate that @trias_one has grown to 20k has been launched. Participate in the event to win Golden Passes:

Technical Updates (Fabric)

  1. Jaeger trace has been realized.

2. Kafka producer has been added.

3. Kafka consumer has been added.

4. Distributed lock has been added.

5. The mongo insert has been realized.


Community Updates

  1. Triathon announced the suspension of the ship staking function and will upgrade the Gamefi model in the next planning.

Join the community to learn more:

Technical Updates


Triathon Moblie:

  1. The navigation bar of the MyNFT module has been modified.

2. Features of “Auction” and “Fixed Price” have been optimized.

3. Popups on the mobile version including style have been modified.

4. Some bugs in the mobile version have been fixed.


Community Updates

  1. Metaverse Guardian Welfare Giveaway Phase III Campaign wrapped up. Rewards will be given this week.

2. Metaverse Guardian Welfare Giveaway Phase IV campaign has been launched.

Technical Updates

  1. A new function has been added for buying body NFTs on the Bastet NFT website. The smart contract for claiming NFT has been modified.

2. The components building module on the Bastet NFT website has been developed and the API debugging has been taken.

3. The Bastet NFT components have been developed and adjusted.


Community Updates

  1. The working introduction of zkSNARKs has been tweeted.

2. Two new friends have joined the operations guild.

Technical Updates

  1. Our tech team is compiling the technical modules of the white paper.
  2. Tusima official video has been uploaded to the official website: You can also check it on YouTube:

3. The research on encryption technology solutions including asymmetric Homomorphic Encryption has continued.

Product Development

  1. The Tusima official video has been uploaded to the official website(V1.1.1) and the demonstration on both PC and mobile sides has been scaled.
  2. The Tusima wallet design has been modified.




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