Trias Weekly Report ( August 23rd, 2021 — August 29th, 2021)

Community Updates

1.Triathon Whitepaper has been finalized and released. Explore the mechanism of Triathon here:

2.Trias CEO AMA will be held in Trias Telegram group( | 10:00, September 1st UTC). Raise questions on everything you want to know about Triathon to get LV6 Sea Monster NFTs:

3. 500 USDT giveaway event has been launched to celebrate BSC anniversary. Each winner will get 20 USDT after completing tasks. Participate here:

4.The rewards of Trias x DEGO mining event have been sent to winners. Check the winners’ list here:

5.Why Sea Monsters are heroes Trias NFT? Many interesting answers haven been coming out and the rewards have been sent to 5 users giving the best answers. Check out the details:

6.A series of airdrop events to welcome the release of Triathon Whitepaper and celebrate the 1st BSC anniversary have been initiated. Check the rules:

7. An airdrop to Trias BSC addresses has been kicked off. Participate in the event:

8.The number of addresses holding TRIAS on BSC has increased by 44 to 2470 last week. Note: the top 2 holders are all the TRIAS held on Kucoin, which combines all TRIAS trading users into two accounts and serves as the cross-chain bridge for ERC20 and BEP20.

Development Updates

(Note some of these GitHub links need the verifier’s permission to be viewed. You are welcome to apply for Trias’s verifier program)

1.The authentication service oat-server4.0 on Trias Alliance Chain has been extended horizontally.

2.The navigation of Trias-explorer browser has been modified.

3.The data writing function of a large screen displaying data on Trias alliance chain has been added.

4.The module receipt code has been added to Trias alliance chain.

5.The style of the industrial large screen on Trias alliance chain has been modified.

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