Trias Weekly Report ( August 17th, 2021 — August 22nd, 2021)

Community Updates

1.The Trias x DEGO mining event with 5000 TRIAS rewards has been launched. The mining power has reached 65434.07 and the APY is 69.72%. Check the event info here:

2.The number of addresses holding TRIAS on BSC has increased by 226 to 2426 last week. Note: the top 2 holders are all the TRIAS held on Kucoin, which combines all TRIAS trading users into two accounts and serves as the cross-chain bridge for ERC20 and BEP20.

3.The step-by-step guidance to participate in Trias x DEGO mining event has been published. Follow the guidance to start mining:

4.The FAQ of Trias x DEGO mining event has been published and will be updated from time to time. Check here:

5.TRIAS has been the top1 trending token on CoinGecko last weekend.

6.More pairs of Trias Limited Edition Sneakers have been delivered to the users and more pairs of sneakers have been ordered and in production. Want your Sneakers? You can convert your NFTs here:

7.Grant 4: An NFT Auction Model and Mechanism has raised 857.88 TRIAS (85.7%). Details:

Development Updates

(Note some of these GitHub links need the verifier’s permission to be viewed. You are welcome to apply for Trias’s verifier program)

1.The main page of Triathon has been online.

2.Trias time display problem has been optimized.

3.The light-up problem of header has been solved.

4.The authentication has been added and token parameters has been generated for Trias alliance chain

5.The function of displaying time has been repaired.

6.To optimize Trias alliance chain, the timer which can query every 3 seconds has been added to defense management.

Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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