Trias Weekly Report (April 4th, 2023 –April 10th, 2023)

2 min readApr 11, 2023


Community Updates

  1. Triathon has launched a community Q&A week and held a two-day AMA.

2. With the rapid adoption of cloud-native technology, Triathon contract detection has made a major leap!

3. Triathon has launched a monthly report on Blockchain Security.

Marketing & Partnerships

  1. The Triathon & Trias Contract Detection Rewards Program is still in full swing. Don’t miss out!

Technical Updates

Dual-chain browser

  1. The browser is adapted to the new downloader.

2. The balance monitoring functionality was integrated into the go_trias project.

Core platform

3. The anomaly has been handled.

4. [token/nft] The number of NFT detections and the NFT detection status have been increased.


Community Updates

1.An AMA discussion on ‘Securely Scaling Dapps on ZK Rollups and Beyond?’ with @InsurAce_io has been done on the Twitter space.

2.We are thrilled to announce that a TusimaDAO community task has been released on Zealy (the former crew3) to encourage more participation in Tusima’s activities and ecosystem development.

Technical Updates

1.The Zero-Knowledge Proof Implementation case is under research.

2.Tusima has added nodes to improve network speed.

3.The front end local node configuration has been increased.

Product Development

  1. An Audit module has been added to the Tusima Deck .
  2. The Zero-Knowledge Proof Experience program is under discussion.




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