Trias Weekly Report (April 26th, 2022–May 2nd, 2022)

4 min readMay 2, 2022


Community Updates


1.Trias has formed a strategic partnership with Uno Re, a decentralized insurance service platform. We will cooperate on the security of smart contracts and crypto assets in DeFi, commit to reducing the risk of DeFi ecosystem and jointly promote the safe and sustainable development of DeFi. Details:

2. The origin of Triathon name has been explained. Check out the details:


  1. An analysis of delegatecall bugs in Solidity has been published. Details:

2. Big news in May is previewed and the economic ecology of GEON token will be updated. Details:


Coincodex has researched the core value of Ethanim. Details:

Technical Updates

Trias Mainnet

1.The function of setting lib p2p to be separately configured to super node overall is optimized.


1.Triathon official website (BSC testing chain part) has been updated.

2. The contract of My NFT and its interface has been optimized.

3. The debug jump pages for sale and auction in My NFT have been optimized.

4. The navigation ball has been adjusted.

5. The functional style of the Market has been optimized.

6. The auction module of Triathon has been optimized.

7. The staking function in the Market has been optimized.


1.The batch account transaction interface function supporting the stress test has been developed.

2. The UI of the testing homepage has been developed.

3. The content of the homepage has been updated.

Trias Alliance Chain

1.The creation of certificate configuration from fabric binary tools has been realized.

2. The Genesis configuration compatibility and system channel naming have been fixed.

3. The HTTP test case of BAAS has been fixed.

4. The Fabric configuration directory has been optimized for Trias-Fabric

5. The genesis configuration for testing has been added and the related codes have been reconstructed.




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