Trias Weekly Report (April 25th, 2023 –May 1st, 2023)

3 min readMay 3



Community Updates

  1. Triathon DEEP-FUZZ was launched !

2. Triathon held a guessing contest on Twitter for the major updates of DEEP-FUZZ.

3. Triathon provided educational content on contract auditing and self-auditing of addresses.

Marketing & Partnerships

  1. Over dozens of media outlets have reported on the launch of DEEP-FUZZ!

2. Triathon and its security alliance partners jointly promoted the launch of DEEP-FUZZ.

Technical Updates

Triathon-fuzz testing

The server side:

  1. The testing engine has been initiated.

2. The information showing testing ending has been modified.

3. New retry method has been added.

4. Test result monitoring service has been updated.

5. The data redis processing has been updated.

6. Some detection features have been updated.

7. The log push service has been created.

8. The orm was added for data processing.

9. New Data push method has been added.

10. The ws simulation client was added.

11. New api service has been added.

12. New contract detection method has been added.

13. Ten api have been added.

Front end:

  1. Error messages and correct messages have been added and displayed as cards.

2. The report static page has been added.

3. The “page being detected” has been added.

4. The time countdown component has been added.

5. “Download Report” has been added.

6. Image display popup has been added.


Community Updates

1.Ethanim released ‘Announcement on Exchanging the Old Bastet NFT for the New Bastet NFT’.

2.Ethanim released ‘The Bastet Working: Phase 2 tEPU Award Leaderboard Competition’.

3.Ethanim released AI Metaverse Ecosystem 200 USDT Giveaway

4.Ethanim released AI Metaverse Ecosystem


Community Updates

1. Tusima’s monthly report has been published.

2. Tusima was excited to be part of the @Afflux_con Demo Day on April 27th!

3. Tusima community points board has been launched.

Technical Updates

1.The Tusima ZK cross-chain bridge technical solutions are under research.

2. The Tusima community points board has been developed.

3. Tusima-Japan test site has been launched.

Product Development

1. Tusima Cross-chain bridge application prototype is under design.

2. Tusima community points board requirements have been tested.




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