Trias Weekly Report (April 19th, 2022–April 25th, 2022)

Community Updates


1. The technological advantages of Trias among the emerging public chains were presented in an infographic. Details:

2. There was a faking group pretending to be the Trias official telegram group and was publicized to avoid Triasurers being scammed. Be aware of scams! Details:


1. Triathon Ape will go back to the community and a giveaway is launched to celebrate it:

2. An analysis of smart contract bugs has been published. Read:

3.Beanstalk was hacked for $182m after its voting system was exploited. The core problem has been discussed. Details:


1. Ethanim weekend trivia night will be launched. Participate to win the prize:

2. An analysis of how can DAO be realized by Ethanim RSM has been published. Details:

3. The core value of Ethanim: Implement decentralization with technology and innovation system, has been introduced. Read:

4. Ethanim system architecture includes an L2 blockchain that supports pluggable cross-chain methods such as ZK-rollup and ORs. Learn more about Ethanim system architecture:

Technical Updates

Trias Mainnet

1.The developing environment and the docker deploy method have been optimized.

2. The pool of test cases has been added.

3. The status management module of privacy chain account has been developed.


1.The display of time acquisition has been optimized and the design style has been adjusted.

2.The function to display pictures is added for Master Ape.

3. The navigation has been added.

4. The cards of Triathon test cases pool have been added.

5.The module of Forge has been changed.

6.The module of Build has been changed.

7. The function of NFT leaderboard has been developed.

8. The pop-up window to share the leaderboard of NFTs has been developed.

9.The pull-down and loading functions have been developed.

10.The page routing has been configurated.


1. The website of Trias-BSC (Bsc Testing Chain ) has been developed.

3.The operation of del validator on BSC testing mainnet has been added when the supernode TM node is upgraded.



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