Trias Weekly Report (April 18th, 2023 –April 24th, 2023)

2 min readApr 24, 2023


Community Updates

  1. Triathon started a new Twitter Event: choose an NFT project and scan it with Vulnerability Buster! Post the results and we’ll review the contract.

2. Triathon has organized a security testing and solution event to address various contract vulnerabilities. Users can ask questions in the community at any time.

3. Triathon has organized a community points sprint event, and we will continue it next week! Don’t miss out!

Marketing & Partnerships

  1. The Triathon & Trias Contract Audit Reward Program has successfully ended.

Technical Updates

  1. Core

Core detection: The compatibility issue has been optimized.

2. FuzzTesting

Privacy statement popup and transaction popup have been added.

The Export as PDF function component has been added.

The echarts component has been added.

The static page of the Personal Rights Center has been optimized.

The copy displayed testing results has been added.


Community Updates

  1. Ethanim announced a limited-time discount promotion for the Bastet Slot.

2. Ethanim announced Bastet Working-tEPU Award Leaderboard Activity.

3. Bastet tEPU Award Leaderboard Activity (Phase Ⅰ) has ended and the rewards have been sent.

4. Ethanim released a brand new Ecosystem Development Plan.


Community Updates

1. An AMA discussion on ‘What Web 3.0 in the Cool Japan culture is like?’ with Dr. Jason Shin Sai of Tusima CSO has been done on the Twitter space.

Technical Updates

1. The cross-chain bridge technical solutions are under research.

2. Tusima Testnet transaction speed has been optimized.

3. The local chain testing function has been added to the Tusima bot .

Product Development

1. More web3 competing projects are under research.

2. Tusima Cross-chain bridge application prototype is under design.




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