Trias Weekly Report (April 11th, 2023 –April 17th, 2023)

3 min readApr 17



  1. Trias monthly questions have been answered.

2. TRIAS has been listed on Hotbit.


Community Updates

1.The NFT detection is online!

2. Triathon discord has started a points-based reward system for project contributors.

3. Triathon has updated new features for wallet asset security.

Marketing & Partnerships

1. Triathon reached strategic cooperation with BMHKBUIDL,

2. GEON can now be used to purchase Ethanim’s Bastet NFT loot box!

3. Triathon has partnered with REI Network.

Technical Updates

  1. Core wallet self-check feature: The risk item judgment has been updated.

2. Core token detection: The problem of abnormal test results has been solved.

3. Core token detection: The grayed-out status has been added to risk items.

4. Core token detection: The risk level of risk items has been adjusted.

5. Core wallet self-check: The data of the capital security list has been updated.

6. Core Wallet Self-Check: The results of asset security have been updated.


Community Updates

  1. Ethanim introduced a Brand-new staking and mining feature — Bastet Working

2. The public sale of Bastet NFT is fully open!

3. Here’s a guide about how to buy Bastet Loot Box and how to stake it for rewards.

4. The Bastet Loot Box purchase prices have been optimized and upgraded

Technical Updates

  1. Issues with Bastet data display have been fixed.

2. The page display copy and loot box price have been adjusted.

3. The floating icon of MetaChat has been added.

4. The landing page of metaChat has been added.

5. The Settings Page of metaChat has been added.


Community Updates

1. Tusima has reached 30K followers on Twitter.

2. An article about ‘Introduction of TusimaDAO SBT (TSBT) and Points & Roles’ has been published.

Technical Updates

1. The cross-chain technical solutions are under research.

2. The front end local node configuration has been increased.

3. Some known bugs have been fixed.

Product Development

1. The cross-chain bridge products are under research.

2. The TusimaDAO community points leaderboard display is under design.




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