Trias Sponsors ETH London Hackathon, Four Projects Win Awards

3 min readNov 3, 2023

October 27–29, 2023

London, UK — Trias, a Layer 1 blockchain and decentralized cloud computing infrastructure, sponsored the 2023 ETH London Hackathon as Gold Sponsor, which took place at 8 Northumberland Ave. The event brought together hundreds of developers, tech enthusiasts, and crypto industry professionals from around the world to showcase their product creativity in a hackathon competition and discuss the innovation, application scenarios, and future trends of blockchain technology.

The event was jointly organized by Encode Club, a leading web3 educator community, and the Ethereum London official community. Speakers and judges included representatives from Trias, Google Cloud, Linera, Tezos, Aztec, Hyperlane, a16z, Hyperlane, API-3, Hyperlane, Visa, Flare, Etherspot, Gateway, NEAR, and Superfluid.

In the hackathon competition, participating teams discussed and combined business logic, technical architecture, and practical applications. After fierce competition and thorough introductions by the project teams, Chat Champion, Wysdom, and Lester won the Flock AIxWeb3 Tool Bounty. Quantum Oracles won the Tusima zkBridge Bounty. Tusima is a zkRollup-based multi-chain privacy financial network that integrates zero-knowledge proof and multi-chain interoperability. This event has added new momentum to Tusima’s grand blueprint of building a privacy financial infrastructure for Web 3.0.

In addition, the Trias ecosystem project Triathon also prepared generous rewards for developers on site. Developers only need to upload the Dapp documentation or contract code they developed to the Triathon website for contract testing. According to the results of the Triathon test report, developers can receive additional rewards. Many participating projects on site participated in the Triathon testing reward event. Triathon is the first AI-powered contract detection and financing platform. Its contract detection is not only professional but also multidimensional. Among them, Multi-Intelli Scanner (MIS) combines the dual validation of AI and fuzz testing to detect contract code in various performance aspects. Triathon has independently developed five detection tools, covering more than 90% of blockchain detection use cases.

Trias sponsored the ETH London hackathon event to inject new vitality into the development of the Trias ecosystem by global top developers, to gradually land Trias ecosystem products, and to become a model of value application in the Web3 industry. In this event, Trias not only provided generous rewards for the Hackathon competition, but also showcased the Trias ecosystem’s solutions and application achievements in the fields of trusted computing, AI detection, metaverse, and privacy finance.

At the event site, the Trias team gave a keynote speech on “Data Rights and Privacy Solutions of the Next Era,” in-depth sharing the main businesses of Trias, Triathon, Ethanim, Flock, and Tusima projects, as well as the core views of the future blockchain industry trend. Trias’ vision of building a trustworthy and reliable general-purpose computation infrastructure through blockchain technology innovation has been praised and recognized by the participants.

Trias is a Layer ‘-1’ blockchain and decentralized cloud computing infrastructure. As a ‘-1 layer’ protocol, Trias aims to foster trust by reshaping the way nodes interact and trust, breaking the information gap, and using the HCGraph algorithm, nodes frequently verify each other, thus building a trust network.

The Web3 industry wave is sweeping the globe, and blockchain innovation technology has broad development potential in practical applications. Hackathon, as an industry testing ground, is gaining the favor of more and more industry institutions. Through this hackathon event, Trias will carry out diversified cooperation with participating institutions and developers, focusing on industry business scenarios, exploring cutting-edge blockchain technology, and accelerating the construction of Web3 industry infrastructure, establishing a collaborative development and win-win blockchain innovation ecosystem.




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