Trias NFT liquidity mining is coming!

Dear Triasurers,

In order to give Trias users a better trading experience on PancakeSwap and help Triasurers explore Trias NFT platform in advance, Trias NFT liquidity mining is going to be launched. To start liquidity mining, Triasurers only need to get LP token by adding liquidity for TRIAS/BUSD trading pool on PancakeSwap and then stake LP token and Dinosaur NFT, which is the star NFT on Trias ecology.

As a comprehensive platform integrating NFT casting, trading, games and other services, Trias NFT can make it more convenient for users to invest in NFT ecology. Trias NFT platform is an important entrance to NFT ecology, and the traffic and funds attracted by the platform are critical to promoting the development of Trias ecological.

The dinosaur NFT can improve the mining power, so as to obtain higher income. NFT liquidity mining activities are both interesting and profitable. Trias hopes to take you on the special journey of Trias NFT in such an easy way.

Trias NFT liquidity mining activities will last 30 days. Trias foundation has prepared 10,000 TRIAS for users as the rewards for this mining activity. The reward is from the operating profit of Trias Foundation in the past 6 months. Trias foundation has completed the buyback of tokens used for rewards from the secondary market. The economic design of Trias is non-inflationary. For more information about the economic model of Trias, please refer to:

Obtain dinosaur NFT

1.Direct purchase

Users can get low-level NFT (LV1-LV3) by spending a certain amount of TRIAS:

2. NFT synthesis

NFT above LV4 level needs to be obtained through synthesis. Users can synthesize two dinosaur NFTs of the same level to obtain a higher level NFT.

3. NFT Swap

Users who have participated in Trias Grants can use “Smart Key” or “Medal of contribution” to swap dinosaur NFT. The swap price is as follows:

Check the NFTs you have following:

Note: For now, Trias NFT Mining can only support Metamask Wallet. If you received NFT in Trust Wallet, you need to import this wallet address into Metamask Wallet first. And then connect Metamask Wallet with Trias NFT page to participate the NFT mining.

Obtain LP Token

Users can obtain LP tokens by adding liquidity to TRIAS / BUSD liquidity pool in PancakeSawp.


Income calculation

The mining power depends on two factors

1. The number of LP tokens staked;

2. The level of NFT of dinosaurs staked.

The effects of LP token are as follows:

The effects of dinosaur NFTs are as follows:

NFT decomposition

After mining activities, users can decompose dinosaur NFT and retrieve TRIAS. The number of retrieved TRIAS at each level is as follows:

Dinosaur NFT of LV3 or higher level can be decomposed into sneakers NFT. By sending a sneaker NFT to Trias (BSC wallet Address: 0xbC57410a1FAAE20FA05513c67C496670745694C2) and fill out the corresponding form, users can get a pair of real sneakers, the look of which are as follows.

Fill the form to apply for Sneakers after sending the sneakers NFT:

Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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