TRIAS NFT liquidity mining FAQs

Dear Triasurers,

Thanks for your active participation, the rewards of Trias NFT mining (10000 TRIAS) have been mined out and will not be replenished anymore.

FAQs about decomposing NFTs and claiming rewards are as follows:

FAQs about decomposing NFT and claiming rewards

1.Why is there no reward for the mining now?

There has been 10,000 TRIAS in the rewarding pool. Due to the enthusiastic participation of community users, the mining reward may be in advance, and no reward will be sent into the rewarding pool.

2.Will the mining reward be invalid if it is not claimed in time?

No, you can claim the reward at any time here: There is no time limit for claiming rewards.

3.When can the dinosaur NFT be decomposed?

NFT decomposition function will be online after the mining is ended (July 24).

At that time, there will be a “decompose” button on the mining home page There. You can click the button to decompose the NFT.

4.How to get NFT Sneakers by decomposing dinosaur NFT?

Only NFTs above LV3 can be decomposed into sneakers. You only need to hold an NFT above LV3 and choose sneakers when decomposing it, and then fill in the form. We will arrange the delivery ASAP.

5.Is there a time limit for the decomposition function?

No, you can go to the home page ( of NFT mining at any time to decomposing your NFT.

6.Can I keep the NFT?

Certainly and we highly recommend you do so. Dinosaur NFT is an important prop in Trias activities. In addition to mining, it is useful in many activities, such as the coming Triathon. Keeping NFT can save you the cost of participating in other activities.

7.Where can I find the NFTs if I keep them? How to participate in following activities?

You can check them on The rules of following activities using the NFT will be published soon. Stay tuned.

8.What can I do with my LP tokens when mining is ended?

You can withdraw them from the NFT mining site and then remove them from the liquidity pool on Pancakeswap (

FAQs about NFT mining

1. How to calculate my mining computing power?

The mining computing power is calculated according to the sum of the number of LP tokens staked by the user and the computing power corresponding to the NFT level.

For example, if you stake 10 LP tokens and an LV3 token, the corresponding mining power is 0.005 TRIAS per hour and 0.02TRIAS per hour, thus the total mining power is 0.025 TRIAS per hour.

2. Why can’t I start mining after staking NFT?

Both LP tokens and NFTs are needed to be staked if you want to start mining. If any one of them is not staked, it is impossible to start mining.

3. Why can’t I stake more than one NFT?

In this mining event, only one NTF can be staked each time. If you want to improve your mining computing power, you can withdraw the NFT staked currently and stake another NFT of higher level, which will bring you higher mining power.

4. How to improve the computing power of NFT?

You can get an NFT of a higher level by purchasing and synthesizing. Note that NFT above LV4 can only be obtained by synthesizing. For example, two LV3 NFTs are needed to synthesize an LV4 NFT; four LV3 NFTs are needed to synthesize an LV4 NFT, and eight LV3 NFTs are needed to synthesize an LV4 NFT.

You can also get it through the swap. Users who have a Wisdom Key or Contribution Medal have a chance to swap NFT at half price. Only users who have participated in Trias Grants before can get the Wisdom Key or Contribution Medal.

5. Can I replace the NFT when the mining is ongoing?

No. If you want to replace the staked NFT, you need to stop mining first by clicking “stop mining” on the page and then replace the NFT, and finally click “start mining” to restart after replacing NFT.

6. Can dinosaur NFT be decomposed?

Yes. Dinosaur NFTs can be decomposed after mining activities, and some TRIAS can be retrieved after decomposition. Please refer to the rules section of the mining home page for details.

7. How to get LP token?

To obtain LP token, you need to add liquidity to TRIAS/BUSD pool on PancakeSwap. Please refer to:

8. How to check my LP token?

After adding liquidity, you can enter the contract address of LP token: 0x118ed46a6ea1ad0938cd637536d4351734ce16ee on the Metamask or other wallet. After adding the contract address, the LP tokens you gained will be displayed.

9. How to check my computing power?

Click “Claim Reward” to view the computing power of LP token, NFT, as well as overall computing power on the reward collection page.

10.How to check the NFT rewarded to me by Trias team?

If you were rewarded with Dinasour NFT(LV1-LV3), you can check them on Trias NFT mining page. After you connect the wallet and then click “Stake NFT”, you will find your NFT on the pop-up page.

11. If I received NFT in Trust Wallet, How can I participate in Trias NFT Mining?

For now, Trias NFT Mining can only support Metamask Wallet. If you received NFT in Trust Wallet, you need import this wallet address into Metamask Wallet first. And then connect Metamask Wallet with Trias NFT page to participate the NFT mining.




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