Trias is Favored by Many Investment Institutions and Rating Agencies

Trias recently obtained several million dollars investment from NGC Fund I and established business partnership with NGC. A bunch of people who dedicated in blockchain industry was stunned by this news.

Since the White Paper was released in July this year, Trias has received much attention from the industry. As a recognized quality project in the industry, it always attracts the attention of the outside world. Even in the blockchain industry’s bear market in August, Trias has gained investment support from DHVC, Kosmos, Reflexion and other institutions with its cutting-edge technology concept and excellent technical team.

These investment institutions have a high degree of professionalism in the blockchain industry. It is understood that NGC is a blockchain technology venture capital fund composed of professionals in the fields of technology entrepreneurship, traditional capital market, and management consulting. As one of the largest institutional owners in the cryptocurrency industry, NGC has more than $400 million in assets.

DHVC is a venture capital fund based in California. Its founder, Professor Shou-Cheng Zhang, is one of the most well-known Chinese physicists in the world. He is a tenured professor at Stanford University, a foreign academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the National Academy of Sciences. The Danhua Capital he founded was mainly invested in companies in the early and growth stages.

Kosmos Capital is Australia’s largest multi-strategic venture capital firm, focusing on blockchain-based asset investment. It is committed to from product validation to market validation, from enterprise development to investment appeal, helping researchers and founders accelerate business success and increase international competitiveness.

Reflexion Capital is a digital money investment fund created by a senior team, specializing high-growth industry standard setters and portal-level projects, tapping global leaders with innovative underlying public-chain technology capabilities, in-depth incubation of quality projects and enpansion of global markets and other series of post-investment services.

In addition to the investment support of these investment institutions, Trias is also favored by many overseas assessment agencies and platforms. As early as August of this year, there were a number of well-known evaluation organizations in the industry including Trias. They are respectively ICO Holder, CryptoDiffer, ICODrops, Hypernum Analytics, MoNoico, InvestFuture, Coin Crunch. As a result, Trias’s Telegraph group has gained a large following. Among them, the well-known rating agency Crypto Briefing announced the evaluation results of Trias project, it is highly recognized the Trias core team in the field of trusted computing and innovation in the distributed network, and gave a high score of 8.4.

Besides, a wave of overseas self-media then spontaneously recommended Trias project to followers, and some of them interviewed Dr. Anbang Ruan, the founder of Trias. These self-media have a large number of subscribers, with a wide range of platform influence. As a well-known overseas self-media, ChicoCrypto took the lead in recommending the Trias project. Including COINCRUNCH and BlockChainBrad.

lCOIN CRUNCH recommended Trias on Twitter on July 19th, thinking that the project is excellent both from the development team and the technical concepts. On August 4th, the agency directly talked to Trias CEO Dr. An Bangbang and posted an interview video on YouTube. In the video, Dr. Anbang Ruan made a detailed explanation of Trias project development.

It is understood that COIN CRUNCH is an independent third-party overseas evaluation agency, with a free blockchain community of more than 10,235 blockchain investors, and has a large number of subscribers in YouTube, twitter and other channels, harboring extensive platform influence. By sharing objective and transparent information, we help investors make better investment decisions and enjoy a high reputation in the industry.

On August 14th, YouTube self-media, BlockChainBrad, conducted an exclusive interview with Dr. Anbang Ruan. It is reported that BlockChainBrad has a large number of subscribers on YouTube, mainly for industry observers and investors. Its interview video has an average of nearly 10,000 broadcasts and has significant influence in the industry.

As a new generation of public chain system, Trias has always been technology-based, will get investment in the capital winter and be recommended by many organizations from the media. Next, Trias will release a technical white paper, so stay tuned.

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