Trias and Oxford University research team, Peking University reached technical cooperation

The core of blockchain is technology

Though the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins are still restricted in China, the blockchain technology has been regarded by China as a strategic industry for the future development of China and it has been listed by the National Development and Reform Committee as an industry that needs to be paid attention to and encouraged in the future.

Trias and scientific research teams of University of Oxford

The connection between Trias and University of Oxford started nine years ago because the founder and CEO of Trias Ruan Anbang is a graduate with a doctoral degree from University of Oxford.

Doctor Ruan Anbang (left) and Professor Andrew Martin (right)

Trias and Peking University

CEO of Trias Ruan Anbang was awarded a computer master degree by Peking University before he was admitted into University of Oxford as a doctoral candidate. CTO of Trias was awarded a master degree and a doctoral degree by Peking University. Senior researcher and developer Yin Chaoming used to be a master candidate at Peking University. In addition, several software engineers and trainees study at Peking University.

CTO of Trias Wei Ming was explaining the contents related to a theme.


Trias has always been connected with the domestic and foreign cutting-edge scientific researches and technologies since its establishment. At present, the Trias team has developed cooperation relationships with over 10 customers from the bank field, the securities field, the government affairs field, the education field and the medical treatment field. In November 2018, the Trias team developed the “Electronic Contract Blockchain Proof Storage” Project for Soochow Securities Co., Ltd. and the project helped Soochow Securities Co., Ltd. standardize the electronic contract blockchain proof storage and proof output services and make them credible.

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