Trias Global Presents in Review

Since its launch, Trias has been an international project targeting the global market and promoting the development of blockchain worldwide. Trias international expansion has not been hindered by the pandemic. With the appointment of Mr. Kitano Yoshikatsu as Trias Japan’s new CEO, Trias will further enhance its global network.

The following are highlights of Trias’ previous global events in review:


Event: Founding Ceremony of Trias Japan Co., Ltd

Time: June 1, 2019

Location: Japan

To celebrate Trias Japan Co., Ltd. had been officially established in Tokyo, the Commemoration Ceremony was held in BINARYSTAR, Tokyo Chuo. About 100 guests, including Banli Kaieda, a member of the house of Representatives, and Yusuke Ohri of node Tokyo Foundation, attended the ceremony. More than 40 media reported on the celebration.

Event: Trias Japan Meetup Event

Time: July 19, 2019

Location: Tokyo

Trias held a Japanese meetup in Tokyo Financial Department. Mr. Yoshiro Kitano, the former spokesman of Trias Japan, introduced the vision, performance and core technology of Trias.

Event: Seminar on Cloud native and Blockchain Technology

Time: July 22, 2019

Location: Japan

NETSTAR Co., Ltd. held a seminar on cloud-native and blockchain technology, and Trias CTO Wei Ming was invited to attend and give a speech on “Technology Development and Application of Blockchain”.

Event: Study and Communication in Fukuyama University and Chubu University

Time: August 7–9, 2019

Location: Japan

Together with Trias Japan’s colleagues, Trias CTO Wei Ming visited Fukuyama University and Chubu University in Japan. The main purpose of this visit was to form a feasible scheme for blockchain research and follow-up cooperation in Japan.

Event: The Launch of the Strategic Operation Plan with Ptmind

Time: August 8, 2019

Location: Japan

Trias reached strategic cooperation with Ptmind, a data analysis company in Japan, and released the product Trias Force at the meeting.

Event: Osaka Ethereum Lightning Talks and Trias Osaka Meeting

Time: October 7, 2019

Location: Osaka

Dr. Wei Ming, Trias CTO and co-founder, was invited to attend the Osaka Ethereum Lightning Talks and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Optimizing Ethereum with Trusted Computing”.


Event: The Launch of Cooperation between Trias and Oxford University

Time: August 16, 2018

Location: University of Oxford

On August 16, Dr. Ruan Anbang visited Oxford University and had an meeting with Professor Andrew Martin about Trias technology. Andrew Martin decided he would carry out joint scientific research projects with Trias and serve as the chief academic adviser of Trias.

Event: Trias London Fintech Meetup

Time: October 8, 2019

Location: London

At the meeting, Dr. Ruan Anbang, founder of Trias, was the keynote speaker to introduce the application progress of Trias in financial technology and regulatory technology.

Event: TRY NEW ETHEREUM Hakerthon

Time: October 9, 2019

Location: University of Oxford

With the theme of “Using TEE & layer ‘-1’ to Optimize Euthereum”, this competition aimed at solving some challenges currently Ethereum encountered through Trias layer -1 network platform and TEE trustworthy technology, and providing optimization solutions.

Event: Blockchain Enabling Fintech in the New Era

Time: November 26, 2019

Location: London

Dr. Ning Wang, an academic consultant of Trias, introduced Trias trustworthy blockchain technology, its applications, as well as Trias Force, an enterprise blockchain product, and Trias Fabric, a -1 layer computing network that links Trias force’s alliance chain and private chain in different scenarios.


Event: Boston NGC Meetup

Time: September 15, 2018

Location: US

Dr. Ruan Anbang, CEO of Trias, was invited to attend the NGC meetup held in Boston, USA, and shared Trias mechanism and future development.

Event: Trias offline Study Group

Time: July 10, 2019

Location: Korea

Trias invited Trias Club to participate in the offline study group in Korea. Ruan Anbang, CEO of Trias, shared the latest technical achievements of Trias and the future development plan of Trias.

Event: Trias Club Meetup

Time: July 29, 2019

Location: Korea

Trias held a meetup in Korea for Trias Club. Daniel Kim and Yayi Koike, representatives of Trias Alliance, host the event. Daniel introduced Trias’s recent development in detail.

Event: Trias Technology Sharing Meeting

Time: August 10, 2018

Location: Seoul

On the evening of August 10, Trias held a technology-sharing meeting in MonacoSpace, Seoul. Dr. Ruan Anbang, the founder, introduced Trias and delivered a keynote speech entitled “Realizing 1 million TPS with ‘Layer-1’ Trusted Consensus Network”.


Event: Singapore Blockchain Feast

Time: September 19, 2018

Location: Singapore

On September 19, during the Blockchain Feast of Singapore, Dr. Ruan Anbang and Dr. Wei Ming shared the technical progress and development plan of Trias. Dr Wei Ming demonstrated Trias Testnet in front of all the participants.

Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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