Trias Ecosystem — Mainnet Announcement

4 min readMar 15, 2024


Dear Trias Community,

First of all, we would like to thank the community members for their support of the Trias ecosystem.

We have recently completed the first phase of the multi-chain integration test for the Trias -1 layer network, and are about to launch the first layer 1 chain — NetX, on the Trias ecosystem. This marks the upcoming launch of the first phase of the Trias mainnet and its ecosystem. we’re currently in the continuous stress testing phase for security and stability, so please wait patiently while we complete all preparations before the official launch of the Trias ecosystem mainnet.

While we’re gradually moving towards our mainnet, we’re simultaneously going to be conducting a migration of ERC20 tokens on Ethereum to Polygon. We’re working with our exchanges (as well as future exchanges we partner with) to open Polygon deposits, to allow all our holders to have fluid accessibility to transact their tokens.

The Trias ecosystem mainnet will be launched in 4 phases for completion. We’ll start the Trias token migration and enable staking in the first phase, and officially upgrade the Trias ecosystem brand to NetX. NetX is a new concept introduced by the Trias ecosystem. It aims to create a new data-driven internet and digital ecosystem by utilizing blockchain technology and the “small data network” paradigm. It is also a decentralized “executable” Web 3.0 built on a trusted network foundation. Through the “chain-native” technology stack, built-in protocols and incentive mechanisms, it will promote the new data economy, accelerate the development of artificial intelligence, and provide opportunities for startups.

The complete Trias ecosystem mainnet will be launched in 4 quarters, with different amounts of Trias migrating to the mainnet each quarter (details below). The Trias -1 layer network will always maintain a total circulation supply of 10 million tokens. We will airdrop NetX governance tokens to the Trias community through staking, migration and airdrops. We encourage users to deposit Trias into the mainnet for staking to obtain more rights.

Phase 1 (March / April 2024) -> while we’re aiming to get this done in March, there may be slight delays depending on 3rd parties we’re working with

  • Conduct the first round of migrating and staking of 2,500,000 Trias tokens
  • Launch the brand name NetX and officially launch the layer 1 public chain

Phase 2 (Q3 2024)

  • Conduct the 2nd round of migrating and staking of 2,000,000 Trias tokens
  • Continue to expand the Trias ecosystem and strengthen community engagement
  • Access Layer 0 (Leviaton) and Layer 2 (Tusima) to bring new features and functionalities to the Trias ecosystem, and improve the performance and functionality of the Trias mainnet

Phase 3 (Q4 2024)

  • Conduct the 3rd round of migrating and staking of 2,000,000 Trias tokens
  • Further consolidate the foundation of the Trias ecosystem and enhance the stability and development vitality of the ecosystem
  • Access the Triathon and Ethanim ecosystems on Trias -1 layer and NetX Layer 1 to expand the application scenarios and service scope of the Trias ecosystem

Phase 4 (Q2 2025)

  • The last round of migrating and staking of 3,500,000 Trias token, drawing a successful conclusion to the mainnet migration of Trias tokens, ensuring the integrity and stability of the ecosystem
  • Ecosystem chain capability aggregation: Divina, Behemotum, Octavius and other ecological chains, further improve the comprehensive capabilities and competitive advantages of the Trias ecosystem

NetX Mainnet Governance Token

In order to thank the Trias ecosystem users for their support, we will launch the NetX mainnet governance token in the first phase (Q2 2024). The token will support the governance and development of the Trias ecosystem mainnet. Meanwhile, we will continue to support the normal trading of Trias on major exchanges.

There are three ways to obtain the governance token:

  • By migrating Trias tokens to the mainnet and participating in staking
  • By exchanging Trias for NetX governance tokens
  • By airdropping to Trias holders

Detailed governance token economics and rules will be announced when the migrating and staking is started.

Future Outlook

Official launch of NetX ecosystem: After the complete migration of the four phases of the Trias ecosystem, we will officially launch the NetX ecosystem, marking a new stage for the Trias ecosystem. NetX will become a transformative blockchain-based platform that enables decentralized, privacy-preserving data utilization on a global scale, driving innovation in artificial intelligence, finance and other digital services.

As Trias matures with the mainnet, we will be announcing some significant partnerships and collaborations in the coming months. 2024 will be a landmark year for the Trias ecosystem. Stay tuned for more details as we progress towards the mainnet launch!

Trias Team
March 2024




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