Nov 21, 2020

3 min read

Trias CSO Time: What is Trias DAO

Last Friday, we invited CSO Kailing Bian to share you Trias DAO and Trias space on Snapshot.

The following is the content shared by Kailing:

Host: Hello everyone. Welcome to Trias CSO Time.

Today we invited Kailing to share Trias DAO and Snapshot space with us.

Kailing: Hi dear all triasures.

I’d like to share with you today is TriasDAO and Snapshot

So the first thing is why we need TriasDAO

There are various DAO organizations on the market today. For a project, the DAO should be more than just about achieving organizational collaboration through smart contracts. From the game point of view, DAO is a cooperative game. It allows everyone to benefit without hurting each other. In the process of setting up TriasDao, we mainly consider the following three aspects:
1. Effectiveness of group decision making
2. Incentive mechanism for community participation
3. Power distribution

TriasDao will be an organization cooperation model based on consensus mechanism, built on smart contract, through which individuals are allowed to participate and realize on-chain governance.
The specific mechanism includes community voting, community motivation and community decision-making and power sharing.

In our view, DAO is both a world view and a methodology. Our goal is also very simple, is to replace human governance with machine governance,This is consistent with Trias’ ultimate vision of building universal trust. To attract more like-minded partners and set up reasonable incentive mechanism, so that members of the community can benefit from their own efforts.

Now you’re very familiar with liquidity mining, which is providing liquidity to the pool, and you get rewards.
So we came up with the concept of social traffic mining, where users are rewarded if they bring social liquidity to the project.

In this way, we hope to encourage community members to share responsibility for the project and to enjoy the dividends of project development.
We hope to make the discussion platform inclusive, balance opinions and facts, and lead people to ask a variety of questions.Here are TriasDAO’s proposal rules and procedures:

How to launch a proposal ?

Step 1: write a proposal
Step 2: Post your proposal in the community for discussion and pre-vote 1–2 weeks
Step 3: Officially publish your proposal in the Trias governance space of Snapshot,

Please note that your proposal is subject to publishing rules. Include the number/abstract and some necessary elements.Proposals that do not conform to the format requirements will be deemed invalid.

When you publish a proposal on Trias Space, you need to connect to your wallet and take a snapshot of the TRY balance in your wallet.

We recently launched two polls that officially address two very important thresholds in this poll.

I was glad to see community members cast their votes. Our vote will close next Sunday, when the outcome of the vote will affect our next adjustment version.

pls vote, let us know your opinion.

Next, we’ll post a tutorial video on how to publish a proposal on Snapshot.
You may initiate a proposal according to our instructions. We look forward to more people participating in TriasDAO’s community governance, and any suggestions and proposals are welcome!