Trias AMA with CEO Recap

On July 4th, we held an AMA with our CEO, Dr. Anbang Ruan. Following is the recap.

Admin: Hello, everyone. I am sure you all are very excited about today’s AMA.

Let’s welcome Anbang Ruan, CEO of Trias @anbangr to introduce Triathon to us in AMA.

Here is our AMA session today,

1. Online interview. Dr. Anbang Ruan@anbangr will answer some of the questions we’ve collected before. Triasurers who raised those questions will receive LV3 NFTs as rewards.

2. Free Q&A session by @anbangr and Community members. @anbangr will pick good questions with an LV4 NFT each.

Hello, Dr. Ruan @anbangr. Thank you for being with us today. How’s it going?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: I’m very excited to join the group and share our most recent developments and future plans. Let’s get it started.

Selected Q&A session

Q1: Thanks @cryptoflight0 for the 1st series of questions:

Why is the testnet in the form of a game? Can you explain how the triathon ties into the greater goal of creating an L1 blockchain for trustworthy and reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems? How will Trias attract developers to build on its blockchain? Grants? Will there be guides for developers? Etc.

Dr. Anbang Ruan: We have been working on Triathon for a while. Simply put, we would like to attract the most diverse participants, and we would like to make it fun. Besides, testing is just like playing games.

To test the effectiveness and efficiency, we need the chains to accomplish multiple tasks. They will be like doing missions in a game. So we designed the Delusionist, who will issue tasks (Dapps of different kinds) and examine different performance metrics among different settings.

To test security, we need the chains to defend against various attacks. So, we designed the Destroyer to initiate different kinds of attacks, the Daemon to dispatch various defense mechanisms and strategies.

In fact, the “Daemon” is built on top of our latest Testnet. it utilizes the layer -1 technology to support upper-layer chains, (the Bots) illustrated on the web page. To achieve fairness of the game, the Delusionist, the Destroyer, and the Daemon can be controlled by all the participators, i.e. our token holders. We don’t just want to put on a “show”. We want to put on a play. we like everyone, regardless of their technical backgrounds, to join the testing process. So we designed the Triathon. Imagining sitting in the control room of a giant robot and joining the machine battle. This is what the Triathon will be like.

Triathon is a critical project of our Trias Ecosystem. It is our Testnet at the moment, but later it will be matured as the launching platform for all our ecosystem projects.

Finally, Triathon will be open to smart contract developers, chain developers, hackers, code reviewers. We are designing brand-new incentive mechanisms to attract all the talents to participate in the battle!

Q2: The second lucky guy@Anthoking2 gave us a series of questions:

1. I take giving us a chance to participate is to simulate stress on the network?

2. Will you be seeking professional hackers to attempt attacks you have not already prepared for.

3. Will a staking event be made out of this?

4. Have you started inviting 3rd party devs to build on Trias chain, if so how many and at what stage of dev are they at?

5. Can you explain more about -1layer, how it works and why would people use Trias above other parachains, bridges etc

6. How will transfers be made with the different tokens ie bsc to eth etc

7. Do you honestly see Trais as the new etherium if so why?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: I will answer them one by one.

1. Yes. It is not just a simulation, but Triathon will allow all token holders to participate in the testing process in various gaming-like ways. Real chains will be tested. Real attacks will be initiated, and real defense ( from Layer -1) will be dispatched. And all these can be controlled live.

2. Yes, we will. At a certain point, the Triathon infrastructure will be open to more hackers/developers to allow them to try different ways to build and destroy.

3. Yes. Staking will be one of the major ways for participators to control the 3Ds (Delusionist, Destroyer, and Daemon). And to add more fun many more Defi tools will be introduced. Considering Triathon an “underground fight game”.

4. Not at the moment. But we definitely will.

5.The layer -1 is the foundation of blockchains. It works at the networking layer. In fact, it will be the foundation of all internet infrastructure. Connecting chains and internet applications with layer -1 will be like connecting their “Souls or minds” directly, while current parachains or bridges solutions connect them at the “language level”. and this is why we can build the Triathon, a battleground for other chains.

6. We are building a layer -1 cross-chain solution. This will be way more effective and efficient regarding the token transfers. It will be way more effective and efficient regarding token transfers. as it connects chains at the “souls” level instead of the “language” level.

7. Technologies evolve, and market moves. In the cloud computing field, I still recall a world-famous project called the OpenStack. it had dominated the entire cloud-computing industry for quite a few years but has faded, and hasn’t been mentioned for some time. The same thing will happen in the crypto world. I believe it is the nature of the technology world. We don’t brand ourselves as a New XXX. We only focus on giving the world our most advanced solutions. we aim at setting the new standard, initiating the trend.

Q3: The following questions from@AdelinaFrederick are really sharp:

Dr. Anbang Ruan: This is exactly why we build Triathon. At the very beginning, Triathon serves as our Testnet to show various aspects of live-testing games. In the long term, Triathon aims to be the chain maker, trainer, crusher, and launcher. With Trias, the layer -1 technology, we not only build a chain-making infrastructure. But also the training and crushing facilities. With Triathon, only after a new chain pass through all the training/testing and crushing challenges, will it be launched successfully. We call this the Test-Driven Raising process. Triathon aims to be the giant robot to equip all the investors with the capabilities to test, to crush the launching chains. To allow everyone, to identify fake or weak chains. and to gain benefits from the testing and crushing “games”. We hope this infrastructure will help to purify the crypto space. and, the first target for Triathon to challenge is ourselves, the Trias Testnet.

Q4: This question is about NFT from @BrookBeauchamp:

I have seen the Roadmap of Trias, and I don’t see that Trias will have NFT in their project plan. Every new project has planned about NFTs. Do you consider having NFTs in your platform?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Yes, NFTs will be a very important component in the Triathon. Building the Triathon is actually building a Metavere: a decentralized battleground for making, training, crushing, and launching all decentralized infrastructures (chains) and applications (Dapps). there will be many elements to be using the NFT techs

Trias has launched the NFT liquidity mining event on June 24th. You can get Trias NFTs through this event with 98% APY. Participate in the event here: Also, stay tuned for our NFT gallery animation products.

Q5: This question is raised by a practical perspective @lethalcooldude:

Can the TRIAS investors participate in Triathon or #Metaverse? If yes, what can they do?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Yes, absolutely. Trias Token is the seeds for all our ecosystem projects including not just the Triathon, but many more in the coming months. Holding Trias Token is holding the keys to the entire Trias Universe. Regarding the Triathon, we will release the detailed gaming rules in a few days. We will explain how to use the “key” to unlock many more possibilities, and gain benefits.

Q6: This question is from @DieMrAnderson:

Apart from automation where else this technology can be used? Is there any current application that is running on this technology? Also, can you explain more about mainnet that is scheduled to be launched in Dec 2021, will it provide global exposure? Best wishes from my side.

Dr. Anbang Ruan: With our layer -1 technology, we are able to enhance and accelerate other chains, including ethereum, hyperledger fabric, and cosmos. Therefore, we are able to provide the layer -1 enhanced ethereum/fabric/cosmos as enterprise-level products and achieve way better performance, security, and cost advantages than our competitors. The Trias-based infrastructures and products have currently been serving many big use cases in China, including finance, supply chain, governance, etc. I have noticed 8lab’s news had gained quite a few attention in our tele group. Therefore, for all the audiences not familiar with the Chinese characters, we have started to release our English-version news at

The 2021 Mainnet will be a global and open infrastructure to hold all our successful enterprise applications. We are targeting “copy-and-paste” our success enterprise scenarios worldwide.

All these new scenarios or enterprise applications will be fueled by our Trias Tokens.

Q7: More sharp questions here from @BigInvestorTrias:

Could Trias really live up to the hype and follow the whitepaper strictly?

Are the big Trias news being released according to the market condition?

What’s your biggest fear that could do big damage to the project?

Do you believe the mainnet will be released before the beginning of the bear market?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: As you can see already, we are not a hyping project, and we also don’t fear the bear market. In fact, our project started in the bear market has lived through it and is still living very well.

The core value of the Trias team is to create value for our customers by solving their most severe pain points with our most advanced technologies.

For the past 3 years, We have built very good business and created extremely good revenue streams. We will be expanding our team to more than 300 engineers and scientists later this year, and we still expected to make good profits. We all believe adoption is the only key to the ultimate success of a public chain project. By serving our customers, we have also enhanced our technology significantly. Therefore, our team doesn’t feed on Trias tokens. there will be zero-affect to us whether it is going to be a bear or bull market. We march to our destination, build our dreams, step-by-step. the “big news” is certainly released solely based on our own pace.

Q8: The last question is about Trias marketing arrangement from@PrudhviS:

Off late there is a lot of FUD on the actual functionality of TRIAS and Architecture. Could there be detailed videos of the Test Net usage and someone from a technical perspective who can constantly interact with community and investors to instill confidence in the long run?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Yes, I have noticed that. As I once mentioned in my LinkedIn, we are currently restricted in many ways regarding our exposures. because previously we mainly serve private customers. but, starting from our Triathon project, we can be more active. And, certainly, we will be accepting video interviews to explain the Triathon and our big vision.

Free Q&A Session

Thanks to our CEO for answering those selected questions. Just now, many Triasurers can’t wait to raise more questions.

Now we move to the last segment of the AMA session public Q&A, brace yourself for the flood, @anbangr will help to answer and pick good questions with an LV3 NFT each.

You can send any questions about Triathon. Please do not send the questions answered before.

Q1: How will Trias implement artificial intelligence and or artificial general intelligence into the Trias ecosystem other than Layer -1 ?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: in layer -1, we use machine learning algorithms to deduce trust value of every node.

Q2: Are most of the team working full time on TRIAS or more part-timers?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Full time, and only full time.

Q3: NFT projects usually require huge investments. Who are your key partners helping with the development as well as funding the project?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: we are capable of funding ourselves very well.

Q4: Lately, there are many Fuds regarding China. What is the nature of your relationship with the Chinese government and local authorities? Will Trias be affected by these latest bans, mining issues etc?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Chinese government is very friendly to blockchain technologies. we have served quite a few province-level blockchain infrastructures.

Q5: Are you afraid someday there will be another project with more innovative technology that can replace your project?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Not at all.

Q6: Marketing is a central element for every project so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieving the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors to your project and keep them long-term?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Short-term hype is not in our DNA. We started three years ago, have spent much on marketing. We believe in delivering and creating value.

Q7: Can other projects be deployed on Triathon to test their Testnet?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Yes, this is the ultimate goal of Triathon.

Q8: Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? What kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Yes, absolutely. We are upgrading our token economics, to encourage more community involvement.

Q9: What brought about the name of your project What inspired it and What problems you are targeted at solving?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Trias + Hackathon, and it is similar to, but not the same to Triathon.

Q10: Dr. Anbang, is it possible we can have an introductory video of you and the team about trias. I feel like we haven’t been introduced properly to you or the team.

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Yes. I’m thinking about it.

Q11: Dear Doctor Anbang, there were some Fuds that you left the project or you are inactive. Are you totally in this project with your mind and body? Are there any difficulties you are experiencing with project management?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Thanks. I’m doing well.

Q12: How long will Triathon last? Will it be a long-lasting mechanism? In my view, it can certainly serve the whole blockchain industry

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Thanks. It will last as long as it needs. Our target is to make it the standard facility for launching new projects and raising funds.

Q13: Dr. Ruan. Two years ago you did an amazing interview with Blockchain Brad. It was VERY informative. It would be great if you and he would hold another interview, now that two years have passed. Best regards.

Dr. Anbang Ruan: I will think about it.

Q14: As cryptocurrencies are plagued by racketeers and thieves on a large scale today, What actions can you take to and improve your project so that we can trust you and direct our Trade to you?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Crushing weak and fake chains in the cradle is one of Triathon’s goals.

Q15: I was exploring your website and i couldn’t find your roadmap. Do you have one? Could you share it? I am curious to know your plans and strategies for 2021.

Dr. Anbang Ruan: We are progressing very well. Have many more plans than we had planned. We will update our roadmap very soon.

Q16: Will Trias staking be open soon again?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Yes.

Q17: Dr Anbang is the Chinese government restrictive of you project in any way. If not will the Chinese government use trias for its own blockchain

Dr. Anbang Ruan: There are many government-initiated projects using Trias technology, and many many more will come. but they are not branded as Trias in particular.

Q18: Will we have more regulars AMAs? (This is an excellent AMA by the way. Big compliments.)

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Yes. Definitely.

Q19: Will it be worth saving our NFTs from events like the triathon for the future?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: I believe so.

Q20: Will you use the old TRY token as an airdrop for TRIAS?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: That’s an interesting idea.

Q21: How secure will smart contracts be? Will the code be audited by an outsider before the public launch?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: This is also one of the reasons for launching the Triathon. We all to join the procedures for testing and crushing chains and dapps. and we start the journey from testing and crushing ourselves.

Q22: Dr. Anbang, what’s your opinion on people calling Trias a scam?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: The Internet was also called a scam. I believe the bigger one is, the higher stress it will have to endure.

Q23: Is it possible to share the AMA and the Q&A for the next medium post. For new investors. We can show them the answers if they have questions

Dr. Anbang Ruan: Definitely. And we will answer more questions offline, and share them with you all.

Q24: Does the community have the opportunity to give your project feedbacks based on their opinions about your project?

Dr. Anbang Ruan: that’s for sure.

Q25: Last question Dr. Ruan. Since you are not active on Twitter, can you point to a Chinese social media where you regularly make posts, if there are any? Except for LinkedIn

Dr. Anbang Ruan: I will spend a bit more time on Twitter and telegram.

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