Trias AMA Recap

8 min readJan 5, 2024

On January 5th, we successfully hosted the first AMA of the New Year in the Trias Telegram community. We were honoured to have NNG, Jeson, and Ditto Lee as our special guests, who brought exciting news and insights into the planning and story of the Inscription Metaverse, marking the beginning of a new chapter in our eco-projects.

If you missed it and want to know the highlights of the program, here is the AMA Recap, There will also be a special benefit at the end.

Question 1 What are inscriptions, and what value do they bring to Bitcoin?

A(Ditto Lee): Inscriptions are the metadata added or “inscribed” onto Bitcoin satoshis (sats), the smallest unit of the Bitcoin, which can include metadata attached to transactions.

Bitcoin inscriptions can be divided into two main categories: text-based inscriptions and image-based inscriptions.

Text-based inscriptions are mainly used to create tokens, such as the BRC-20 Token standard. The BRC-20 Token standard is a protocol for creating tokens on Bitcoin, similar to the ERC-20 Token standard on Ethereum. The BRC-20 Token standard allows users to create their own tokens and trade them on the decentralized ordinal market just like an NFT market.

Image-based inscriptions are mainly used to create NFTs. NFTs are digital assets with unique and non-fungible properties, and are typically used in the fields of collectibles, gaming, and art.

Bitcoin inscriptions have the following values:

  • Scarcity: The total number of Bitcoin inscriptions is limited, and early inscriptions will become more scarce over time, thereby increasing their value.
  • Immutability: Bitcoin inscriptions are written into Bitcoin and are immutable, thereby ensuring their authenticity and security.
  • Traceability: The entire history of Bitcoin inscriptions is stored on the Bitcoin blockchain and is traceable, making it easier for users to trade and manage them.

Question 2 Why is Trias launching inscriptions?

A(NNG): Since the inception of Bitcoin inscriptions, the concept has rapidly evolved, with many public chains adopting inscription development. Numerous individuals have reaped industry benefits by participating in the creation of inscriptions.

Trias has two primary objectives in introducing inscriptions:
Firstly, to diversify the Trias ecosystem and embrace the growing trend of Bitcoin inscriptions;
Secondly, to enable Trias community members to enjoy the benefits of the rapid development in inscriptions.

Question 3: What value and use cases does $BEPU have in the Ethanim Metaverse?

A(Jeson): $BEPU offers extensive applications and value within the Ethanim Metaverse.

For instance, holding BEPU grants free access to virtual spaces in the Land Metaverse, where users can engage in development, socialization, and commercial activities.

Furthermore, $BEPU will eventually be linked with Bastet, Bastet Soul, and tEPU, providing a metatarsal experience of inscriptions to the global Web3 community.

Question 4: Compared to existing inscriptions,what potential for development do you see in the inscription Metaverse? Do you think the model of combining BEPU inscriptions with the Metaverse is promising?

A(Ditto Lee): The most critical distinction between metaverse inscriptions and existing ones lies in their inherent utility. While most current inscriptions, like the trendy “rats,” function essentially as memes, lacking any direct utility and relying solely on community hype, metaverse inscriptions like BEPU offer compelling real-world applications.

Which can be summarized below:
The metaverse is a virtual world where people can socialize, game, and work. BEPU inscriptions can be used as assets in the metaverse to represent identity, rights, and assets. For example, BEPU inscriptions can be used to create virtual land, virtual clothing, and virtual props, or to represent voting rights and equity in the virtual world.

These utilities hold immense potential for building a flourishing and sustainable metaverse economy. Unlike “meme inscriptions” solely driven by fleeting community interest, BEPU inscriptions offer a compelling value proposition, paving the way for a more robust and impactful metaverse ecosystem.

I am optimistic about the model of BEPU inscriptions combined with the metaverse, and I believe that it has the following advantages:

  1. BEPU is the First Trias ecosystem metaverse on Bitcoin.
  2. BEPU offers unique inscription types like virtual land, avatars, and even governance tokens, allowing users to own and interact within their metaverse. Imagine building your own virtual plot of land or customizing your metaverse avatar with rare BEPU inscriptions.

Question 5: This time the amount for exchange constitutes 10% of the total BEPU. What are the main purposes for the remaining 90%?

A(NNG): The remaining 90% of BEPU inscriptions will be primarily used in the following areas:

1. Staking Mining: All users can earn $BEPU rewards by staking $BEPU;
2. Ongoing Development and Market Operations: To ensure the continuous development of BEPU;
3. Airdrops for Trias Ecosystem NFT and Token Holders: Providing benefits to the ecosystem’s participants;
4. BEPU Foundation Reserve: A small portion held by the BEPU Foundation, mainly to mitigate operational risks of the project;
5. BEPU Community Promotion: Promoting BEPU in a shared and collaborative manner, with rewards in BEPU for the community

We plan to fully utilize BEPU based on actual needs, aiming to make BEPU a star inscription in the Bitcoin inscription ecosystem and the Metaverse industry.

Question 6: What is the relationship, if any, between BEPU, tEPU, and EPU?

A(Jeson): Currently, there is no direct connection between BEPU, tEPU, and EPU, In the future, we plan to airdrop BEPU to Bastet and Bastet Soul holders and consider allowing the exchange of tEPU for BEPU.

Detailed information will be provided in the upcoming official announcement.

Question 7: Many Bitcoin inscription projects have experienced thousands of times growth. What do you think is the core reason for their growth? And do you believe $BEPU has the potential for high growth as well?

A(Ditto Lee): The main reasons for the growth of many Bitcoin inscriptions from my point of view are as follows:

  1. First is the first: ’Ordi‘ is the first inscription on bitcoin, and it is also the first inscription that can be traded on the marketplace. Being the first gives it a head start. The subsequent ‘nals’ didn’t make much of a splash, and the price didn’t go up much.
  2. Uniqueness is the king: ‘Ordi’, ‘sats’, and the first rune protocol inscription ‘cook’ all have their own unique features, such as being the first of each protocol standard, where ‘sats’ is the smallest unit of the bitcoin. Bepu is a metaverse inscription on BTC created by Ethanim. This is a very unique characteristic. Bepu is supported by being the first inscription of the Trias ecosystem and the concept of metaverse. People like me are often interested in things because of their uniqueness and if it’s the very first in their ecosystem.
  3. Community spirit is the icing on the cake: After inscriptions are purchased, an active and united community is needed to grow the project.

Development of the metaverse market: The development of the metaverse market will drive the application of BEPU inscriptions, thereby increasing their value.
Efforts of the Ethanim team: The Ethanim team needs to continue to innovate to create new application scenarios for BEPU inscriptions, thereby increasing their value.
Assemble a strong community: any project will be a failure without a robust community, it is the lifeblood of any successful project. Without a dedicated and passionate community behind it, even the most brilliant ideas can struggle to gain traction and reach their full potential. A strong community provides invaluable support in countless ways, from offering crucial feedback and testing to spreading the word, fostering innovation, and building a sense of ownership and shared purpose.

Question 8: Many users have reported missing the chance to exchange for BEPU. Will there be an increase in the exchange quota in the future?

A(NNG): Our initial plan was to allocate only 10% for exchange, prioritizing Trias community members. We will consider increasing the quota based on community demand, possibly allocating an additional 2%-5% from community promotion rewards for those who missed out.

Question 9: For those who have successfully reserved an exchange on the Ethanim official website, could you explain how they can receive the exchanged $BEPU?

Next week, we will announce the distribution method for BEPU and collect wallet addresses from users to receive the distributed tokens

OK, the method of BEPU distribution will be announced next week. Everyone, just a few more days of waiting and please pay close attention to the announcements from Ethanim’s official channels.

Question 10: As a seasoned inscription enthusiast, what suggestions would you offer for the future development of BEPU?

A(Ditto Lee) I would give the following advice:

  1. Focus on the metaverse: BEPU should focus on the metaverse market and actively expand cooperation with metaverse platforms to create new application scenarios for BEPU inscriptions.
  2. Strengthen technological innovation: BEPU should strengthen technological innovation to continuously improve the performance and functions of BEPU inscriptions to meet user needs.
  3. Improve ecosystem construction: BEPU should improve ecosystem construction to provide a good environment for BEPU inscriptions developers and users.

Specifically, BEPU can develop in the following areas:

  1. Launch more metaverse applications: BEPU can launch more metaverse applications, such as virtual land, virtual clothing, and virtual props, to provide users with a rich experience.
  2. Connect with the real world: BEPU can connect inscriptions with the real world, such as mapping virtual land to real estate in the real world. This connection can allow users to have a more realistic experience in the metaverse.
  3. Expand application scenarios: BEPU can expand the application scenarios of inscriptions to other fields, such as games, finance, and healthcare. This expansion can make the application of BEPU inscriptions more extensive.

Question 11: Will other ecological projects within Trias also launch inscriptions?

A(NNG): Currently, there are no plans to introduce inscriptions for other TRIAS eco-projects.

Our focus is on ensuring the success of BEPU, integrating it with the Ethanim Metaverse. If inscriptions can benefit the development of other Trias ecosystem projects, we will consider introducing them based on the situation.

Question 12: Will BEPU be listed on centralized exchanges? And what are the plans for the inscription Metaverse in 2024?

A(Jeson): BEPU will gradually be listed on centralized exchanges based on the intensity of community promotion.

We hope our community members actively promote BEPU, making it a star product in the crypto industry, The 2024 plan includes the completion of BEPU exchanges, airdrops, listings on exchanges, and integration with the AIGM ecosystem. and ultimately the launch of the Land Metaverse virtual space, enabling BEPU holders to engage in commercial activities in these virtual spaces.

Special benefits from the team:

  1. Airdrop of $GROW Tokens: As a token of appreciation for all users supporting $BEPU, we will airdrop Triathon governance tokens GROW to all participants in the $BEPU exchange. The quantity and method of the airdrop will be announced shortly.
  2. Development of a New Shared Economy Model: We will allocate 20% of the total $BEPU (releasing 5% with each exchange listing) to foster a new shared economy model. This will be used to reward users who promote $BEPU, and to increase the number of BEPU holders and community members. This initiative aims to attract more Web3 industry users to become $BEPU fans, building a vast community consensus around $BEPU inscriptions. Detailed information on the shared economy model will be announced next week.
  3. The team will be airdropping $BEPU to Bastet and Bastet Soul holders, the details regarding the quantity and timing of the airdrop will be announced shortly.

We appreciate the enthusiastic support from the community, making this AMA event a resounding success.

Stay tuned to our official announcements for the latest updates and developments. Let’s look forward to the Inscription Metaverse achieving even greater milestones in 2024!




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