May 9, 2019

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Trias, a Blockchain Project Favored by Overseas Media

During last autumn and winter, the blockchain’s heat has gone from hot to cold with the temperature, because many blockchain projects were facing very difficult problems on how they should further develop. The reasons contained both the downturn environment of the internet industry and the dilemma that the blockchain projects that had been attracting much attention never matched the demands of the industry well.

After we hesitated for several months, we believe that only technological innovation and application can make the blockchain projects go out of the dilemma.

Take Ethereum for example, Ethereum has been widely approved because it has a strong technological team, its community has gathered many talents of the industry and it is continuously exploring the blockchain establishment, application and implementation. If people want to continue to find out excellent projects like this, they must sharpen their eyes and strive to find out who really has the growth potential.

Since its inception, not only has the Trias project been supported by large investment institutions, but also it has attracted much attention of overseas media and has been evaluated as an excellent project by many well-known project evaluation institutions. Before NGC and DHVC invested in the Trias project, some evaluation institutions well-known in the industry had included Trias as their evaluation object. They are ICO Holder, CryptoDiffer, ICODrops, Hypernum Analytics, MoNoico, InvestFuture, Coin Crunch, etc. Though some fluctuations occurred later in the market, the place of Trias was always high in their ranking lists. The evaluation reports issued by these institutions have all highly evaluated Trias and they have graded Trias as Level A or above. As a star project widely approved in the industry, Trias has been unanimously praised in the industry as it were.

The above data have shown that as early as last August, that the evaluation results published by Crypto Briefing, a famous overseas evaluation institution, have demonstrated its high approval of the results in the trusted computing field and the distributed network innovation achieved by the Trias core team by giving them a score of 8.4. Among hundreds of projects that have been investigated and evaluated by the institution, Trias ranks among the top three and its place is higher than many projects such as Oasis, Celer, Nervos and NKN.

During the confusion period of the industry, these media and institutions successively showed their interests in Trias and praised it. Why?

  • The first reason is the novel technological idea of Trias.

Doctor Ruan Anbang, the founder of Trias, described in detail the separation model of three powers, the HCGraph , how to resist the attacks of SGX and how the Trias platform supports the more secure operation of other applications when he was interviewed by foreign media.

We will hereby briefly describe the heterogeneous consensus graph (HCGraph). At present, most blockchain projects with integrated TEE technology depend on the SGX technology of Intel processors very much. However, according to the latest research results, there may be some vulnerability in the SXG. However, Trias has got rid of the dependence on the sole TEE technology. Trias is compatible with Intel TXT, ARM TrustZone, TCG TPM, the national standard TCM, etc. besides SGX. Based on this, by fully combining the graph computing technology based on the small-world network algorithm, Trias has effectively enhanced the quality of consensus nodes and reduced the minimal number of nodes necessary to achieve a consensus, which has result in the decrease of the consensus cost. You can obtain more information on the technological ideas of Trias by paying attention to the official website or official public account of Trias.

  • Besides the technological ideas, the R&D team of Trias is also very strong.

As the founder of Trias, Ruan Anbang has done a lot of research work in trusted computing and distributed systems in recent ten years. Trias has gained great supports from the scientific research teams of many famous universities such as Oxford, Imperial College London, Georgia Institute of Technology, Peking University and Tsinghua University. At present, the Trias team has gathered nearly 50 engineers from famous enterprises such as China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC), Microsoft, Intel, Oracle, Alibaba, Didi Chuxing and Meituan. Besides, Trias has respectively established joint laboratories with the School of Software and Microelectronics of Peking University and the Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang. Trias has six information security professors and over 20 employees with doctoral degrees. Compared with the teams of other blockchain projects, the Trias team is an ever-victorious team with abundant experiences as it were.

  • A lot of progresses have been made in the implementation and application.

Finally, Trias has made a lot of phased progresses in the implementation and application. At present, the trusted data platforms of the industrial internet based on the Trias blockchain technology have been well applied in many fields such as electric power, maritime affairs, agriculture, forestry, e-commerce, fire control and finance.

In March 2019, Trias made progresses in the electric power industry. To energize the real economy by using the blockchain technologykills two birds with one stone. It not only conforms to the national orientation, but also increases the endorsement value of the real economy. The cooperation “blockchain + power transformation industry” has been established for the first time. It has very strong creative significance. It has not only reflected the very strong technological strength of Trias, but also accumulated lots of precious experiences in the practice.

In April, Founder of Trias Ruan Anbang was invited to a 5G industry promotion conference. He vividly talked about the ubiquitous network security challenges and how Trias drives the trusted interconnection of things at the conference. In addition, he described the implementation and application of the cooperation between Trias and the fire control field at the conference.

Next, what more news about Trias will come? We may well wait and see!

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