Trias 2023 Review:A year of innovation and growth

6 min readJan 6, 2024

Dear community,

As always, we’d like to thank you for your continuous support of TRIAS. This past year, we made significant strides and aim to carry this momentum forward into 2024. The last few months have seen tremendous growth and interest in the TRIAS ecosystem and we’re excited for the road ahead.

Needless to say, with rapid growth in an innovative and fast-paced space, unexpected challenges sometimes present themselves. While there’s been quite a bit of turbulence on our journey, we welcome these challenges and are always excited to face them head-on in order to reach our goals.

I wanted to close out the year with a recap of some of the milestones that we achieved in 2023 and a preview of the exciting things to look forward to from the TRIAS ecosystem going into 2024. While the last few years have been all about leveraging the slow/quiet bear market to make progress behind the scenes, 2024 will be about bringing our vision to life with our mainnet launch, ecosystems maturing, partnership announcements and more. There are quite a few topics to cover, some of which we’ll elaborate on further in the near future.

2023 in review:

2023 was an eventful year of TRIAS achievements. Below is a snapshot of some of the key metrics that we’re proud of, none of which would have been possible without your tremendous support. Not only did our community grow massively, but we also listed on 3 prominent centralized exchanges, and ramped up our marketing campaigns.

A fresh new website:

As TRIAS continues to mature, we wanted to make sure that our website reflects what our brand stands for, both aesthetically speaking and from an engagement standpoint. It is a reflection of TRIAS’ commitment to technology and innovation.

Our new website is now live, and we hope you’ll enjoy your experience browsing through the various sections and utilizing the services it will offer.


We truly believe that TRIAS’ success lies in the strength of its rich ecosystems; we shared some exciting results in last month’s announcement; highlights include:

🪐 Triathon:

  • In 2023, Triathon established 18 partnerships with market-leading projects, including but not limited to: Defihacklabs, hapi, slowmist, etc.
  • Triathon has been listed on the Web3 App Store Magic Square.
  • Has introduced a dual-token economic model, leading to the governance token $GROW Token, soon to be launched with community governance and voting functionality.
  • A subscription model based on contract detection functionality will be launched in 2024. — Triathon has also achieved significant milestones, introducing six contract detection products in 2023 and successfully identifying 6,801,617 contract addresses.

🪐 Ethanim:

  • TRIAS is spearheading the development of the metaverse ecosystem utilizing the BRC20 protocol on Ethanim. The very first inscription of the TRIAS ecosystem, $BEPU, has been launched, with further advancements slated for the upcoming year.

🪐 Tusima:

  • Successfully integrated with Polygon zkEVM and Scroll, a swift, reliable and scalable Layer 2 blockchain. Scroll provides developers on both platforms with a streamlined deployment process for creating scalable and secure dApps.
  • Another significant milestone was the successful support of private transactions for stablecoins in Tusima. This means that Tusima not only enables fast and low-cost private transactions at the financial infrastructure level, but also supports other external financial protocols to easily and seamlessly connect to the Tusima network for private transactions.
  • Our partnership with a prominent Japanese offline payment platform continues to progress, and we’re eager to disclose more when possible.

Check out the Tusima 2023 summary

🪐 Leviatom:

Other recent wins:

ETH London Hackathon:
Between October 27–29, TRIAS was a proud gold sponsor of ETH London, hosted by Encode. This hackathon allowed us to showcase TRIAS’ robust technology to the Web3 builder community. We engaged thousands of talented developers, demonstrating TRIAS’ immense technical capabilities firsthand. The enthusiasm for building on TRIAS was palpable. The most innovative concepts arise from collaboration, which is why we’re always open to co-creating the Web3 ecosystem. From seasoned creators to aspiring devs and Web3 enthusiasts, we welcome fresh ideas for new dApps and exciting use cases.

The hackathon yielded many promising prototypes, reinforcing the power of working together to drive blockchain adoption. As a leading supporter of ETH London, TRIAS remains committed to empowering developers worldwide. We can’t wait to see what they build next using TRIAS technology!

Carbon Browser Partnership:
TRIAS has also partnered with Carbon, a Web3 browser. TRIAS features are integrated in its dApp store and wallet, and is set to become accessible to over 7M+ users through Carbon Browser.

Looking forward to 2024:


Since its inception, TRIAS has always strived to create a more trustworthy environment for Web3. With the new mainnet, TRIAS takes a revolutionary leap forward in its mission to build a trusted ecosystem.

We’re thrilled to announce that primary development for mainnet phase 1 is completed. With that said, we are waiting on some final confirmations with partners to “officially” launch it. The plan is to implement features gradually throughout Q1, including creating a wallet address and full token migration.

We are well aware that ERC-20 holders have been patient and awaiting the mainnet to migrate their tokens; in the meantime, we’ve ensured that progress is continuously made in providing different avenues for ERC-20 holders to trade, such as BitMart and Uniswap where volume has recently been increasing smoothly. We will continue to explore more channels while simultaneously expediting the full mainnet launch, and holders will also be able to stake their tokens in the very near future.

Introducing NetX:

NetX is the next generation of data-centric Internet, shaping the future of AI-driven digital life.

It is a scalable and privacy-preserving super blockchain network that is fully compatible with all blockchain network applications and Web 2.0 cloud-native applications, opening up the Web 3.0 world to cloud applications and ushering in the next generation of the Internet into the age of intelligence.

Anticipate the release of NetX’s whitepaper in January 2024 for comprehensive updates and insights.

KuCoin ST tag:

The KuCoin ST tag has taken longer to remove than we would have liked. While we have submitted all of the relevant materials/clarifications required, we just have to be slightly more patient as KuCoin handles the matter. I expect this will finally be taken care of very early on in 2024, so we can start off the year without this being a lingering issue.

Other developments in 2024:

Some additional goals that we will focus on throughout the year will include:

  • Promoting mainnet activity and ecosystem growth
  • Encouraging and supporting EVM developers building dApps on TRIAS mainnet
  • Boosting TRIAS staking participation
  • Increasing community engagement through more in-depth discussions, AMAs, Spaces, etc
  • More hackathons and marketing drives to continuously support developers

This is all just a taste of things to come. I hope this letter gives you some more clarity on the scope of what we’ve been working on and what we’re planning to achieve. Yes, there will be challenges along the way, but we are confident in our mission to create a revolutionary platform. Stay tuned for more exciting developments from us throughout 2024 when we expect our vision to become reality. The future is brighter than ever for TRIAS.

Trias team




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