The recap of Ethanim roadshow


Hello everyone, welcome to our Roadshow today. I believe you are all excited about what we mentioned to be ‘extraordinary’. Today, our CEO @angbangr will share it with us. Let’s welcome Dr. Anbang Ruan!

Dr. Ruan: Hello everyone, it’s awesome to see you here again.

Host: Hi Dr. anbang. Nice to see you here!

As we have learned, the “extraordinary new thing” is probably about metaverse. Would you start from metaverse?

Dr. Ruan:

Sure. Metaverse has been really popular lately, however, we’ve been missing one thing.

The current metaverse applications in the markets are not fully decentralized and it’s not proper to call them metaverse.

The real metaverse is supposed to last forever, never to be controlled or shut down by any organization or individual, and your digital assets truly belong to you and can’t be tampered with or taken away.

However, the most popular metaverse applications in the market, such as the gamefi, haven’t fully achieved decentralization. They only issue Token or NFT assets on the blockchain, while 99.99% of the application is deployed on the centralized server, which can completely control the allocation of assets on the chain. These so-called metaverse applications are essentially centralized and controlled by few.

Therefore, the rules for you to obtain NFT equipment or token rewards in various ‘metaverse’ blockchain games may be tampered with at any time by the game manufacturer, or even the whole game may be shut down at any time by the manufacturer.

Even though the tokens and NFT are still in your wallet, imagine if the game is no longer accessible, the tokens you earned through the game will be unavailable, and the NFT you paid for will not be displayed. How do you feel?

Most people probably haven’t considered how much risk we would take when we use metaverse conceptual applications.

However, you might ask, why can’t developers completely decentralize their applications by deploying them on the blockchain, eliminating these risksThis is due to the low performance of traditional blockchain networks.

New public chains like Ethereum and even better ones like Solana and Avalanche have not changed the mechanism of “seeking consensus among untrusted nodes”, which results in networks never performing as well as centralized systems.

As a result, it can only support the chain of digital assets such as token or NFT, but can not be a complete decentralization of logical computation, image rendering, data storage, and other metaverse applications.

A true metaverse cannot be realized without addressing the problem of the complete decentralization of large applications.

Therefore the metaverse requires entirely new blockchain solutions. We have been preparing for this for a long time, and this will be the most exciting moment of the day when you will be the first witnesses to join me in the launch of a new project of Trias Ecology: the metaverse Public Chain — Ethanim

Ethanim, incubated by the Trias Foundation, is a new-generation public chain tailored for the metaverse that could support the complete decentralization of any large application. It adopts a completely new solution that is totally different from the traditional blockchain, creatively combining the trusted computing technology that we have accumulated over 10 years of technology with blockchain.

The traditional blockchain implementation path of “seeking consensus among untrusted nodes” is transformed into “let nodes be trusted and perform computation”, which enables large-scale applications to achieve complete decentralization while maintaining high performance.

Ethanim main chain adopts Trias’ Leviatom Layer -1 core technology to make the consensus speed, node functions and ledger structure richness of the main chain consensus nodes far exceed the traditional blockchain.

Just because of this, the main chain can support the new blockchain network that can be horizontally expanded infinitely.

At the same time, Ethanim’s entire system architecture, like Lego bricks, will be built in a modular form, which can combine the virtual GPU, edge computing, privacy computing, AR/VR, and other technologies related to the metaverse to form a comprehensive solution of the metaverse.

This is an exciting technological innovation and an epoch-making initiative.

Ethanim will make the metaverse truly achievable, and the metaverse depicted in science fiction movies may come sooner than you think!

Not only that, but Ethanim has restructured the underlying technology of the traditional block-chain, which will bring huge transformations to the metaverse, users, developers and miners

For the metaverse:

Ethanim has unprecedentedly realized the complete decentralization of large-scale applications, and clones the application in real-time and distributes storage so that the user’s behavior information, digital assets and virtual identities will continue forever.

Even if the application developer modifies the application rules or even suspends the operation of the application. Any community user can resume the application at any time, and the application will run forever through the DAO to achieve an everlasting run.

Users could modify the metaverse application according to their own ideas and preferences, create a variety of different versions of the game. And users can use virtual identities to shuttle between different versions of the game, as well as the interoperability of assets.

For example, in a game, if the character you use can only walk on land, you can modify the character’s skills to create a new version of the game where the new version of the character could obtain other skills such as walking, diving, flying, etc.

In addition, the NFT assets you own can form different display methods and functions in different applications and can be used freely in different application spaces.

For example, the avatar you use in a game can be used as an avatar in a social app or bought and sold as a commodity in the marketplace.

On the Ethanim platform, you can create your own NFT, virtual identities, etc. in the metaverse application and you can freely travel between different application spaces, and freely exchange these assets at market prices between different applications.

For the users:

The platform is fully compatible with the traditional applications, which we are familiar with such as shopping, payment, and social networking.

These can be directly on the chain without being redeveloped and transformed, becoming a completely decentralized application which is more convenient to protect the user’s information and asset security.

The platform has a system that encourages users to create and transform applications, autonomously and users can form new parallel applications by transforming the original metaverse applications so that they can obtain certain token rewards and create to earn.

This incentivizes users to continue to create and maintain applications, and achieve the perpetuation of applications from the perspective of user motivation.

Users can make different versions of metaverse applications according to their own preferences. For example, multiple users have formed a variety of different versions of the game through the transformation of one game so that users can freely shuttle in multiple versions of the game and enjoy the experience with their own assets, virtual identities, game equipment, etc.

What is more popular is that the cost of using the Ethanim platform will be preferentially deducted from the staking interest from the users when running the verification node. So it is equivalent to the user using the service for free.

For the developers:

Developers can use any familiar language to develop metaverse applications like YouTube, TikTok and other social, e-commerce, and entertainment applications which is fully compatible with the traditional development ecosystem.

Existing legacy applications do not need to be retrofitted and can be migrated directly to Ethanim.

Developers do not have to learn the blockchain technology to develop metaverse apps like traditional apps and can issue Token NFT assets with one click.

In addition, the platform is compatible with assets issued by other public chains.

Even if an app has issued assets on other public chains, its application can still be deployed on the Ethanim platform.

Platform application of free creation does not cause the loss of interest in the application of the original developers or loss of interest in the author.

When a user of the original application on the basis of creation and renovation creates a platform for the new version of the application at the same time. With the new creator being rewarded, the author of the original application will also get a certain reward.

This will realize the application at the same time as constantly being creative, and the original author of the application can also receive a steady stream of rewards.

If a developer develops a successful blockchain app. The more users there are, the more system tokens will be rewarded and a part of the pay-to-use fee paid by the user will be rewarded.

For the miners:

Metaverse requires a lot of image computation, if you have an idle GPU mining machine, you could freely access Ethanim to contribute computing power and get token rewards. Mining in traditional blockchain networks often requires professional large mining machines.

However, the threshold for choosing to become a validator mining on the Ethanim platform is particularly low and could be run by using smartphones or laptops.

Ethanim encourages applications to build their own economic models to reward various nodes.

For example, if you run a validator, you can get the mining reward of the platform at the same time.

You can also become the node of the platform application, get the reward, and build up credit so that you can get more mining rewards.

Ethanim brings a new blockchain solution to the metaverse, creating great value for all parties in the ecosystem, and will become the underlying infrastructure and entrance to the metaverse!

In the end, I believe Ethanim can benefit the Trias community in many ways.

Firstly, Ethanim mainnet uses Trias’s underlying technology of -1 Layer and machines running in Ethanim form node of Ethanim, as well as altogether forming a node of Trias Mainnet. The sum computing power maintains and solidates the Trias Mainnet.

Secondly, TRIAS can be used in the Ethanim economy as a utility token and governance token until the Ethanim community matures.

Afterward, the TRIAS token will be used as a generative token for the mining and swap token for Ethanim token.

In other words, TRIAS holders can benefit from proactive earning by swapping TRIAS for the new token, and also from passive earning of the utility, staking and token burn during the whole process.

In addition, it can connect with many game studios, artists and metaverse builder and enrich the Trias Ecosystem.

I’m personally excited to have the Ethanim team start their work and ventures.

That’s all I want to share with the community in this roadshow.

Host: Thank you, Dr. Ruan, thank you for your wonderful sharing! Ethanim is a great invention to help people live on web 3 for eternity. I believe the whole community is excited about this!




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