How to participate in the TRIAS X DEGO FINANCE “OCEAN TREK” mining event.


  • 0.1–1000 TRIAS tokens are required when casting NFTs and these tokens can be retrieved by decomposing the NFTs 30 days after they are cast.
  • 0.1 DEGO token is required as gas fees when casting an NFT.
  • When operating on BSC a small amount of BNB token is required for gas fees.

* Please ensure you have the required amount of these three tokens in your wallet before you commence mining.

To commence mining follow these steps:

1.1. Enter the DEGO FINANCE official website: and click DEGO Foundry.

2.Click “Casting NFT”;

3.Choose a Sea Monster NFT;

4.Enter the amount of TRIAS tokens you wish to stake in the Sea Monster NFT.

5. Click “Approve DEGO” and “Approve TRIAS “ for transaction authorization. (Note: This authorization is only required for your initial transaction.)

6. Confirm transaction as requested.

7. Once authorization confirmation is received click “Casting NFT” and confirm as requested.

8. Once you have successfully obtained your Sea Monster NFT click “ Farming Now” to be directed to the TRIAS mining pool.

Note: Alternatively, return to the DEGO FINANCE home page and click “Gego”. Select “Mining” and you will be directed to the TRIAS mining pool.

9. After entering the TRIAS mining pool, click “Approve” in the “Your NFT” box. (Note: This approval is only required for your initial transaction) and confirm as requested.

10. Click “Staking” and confirm as requested to commence mining.

11. Repeat the above instructions if you would like to stake multiple NFTs to achieve increased mining power.

12. Your ongoing mining power and resultant income can be viewed on this page.

13. Click “Harvest” to extract your mining income earned.

14. Click “Withdraw” to extract an NFT.

15. Click “Withdraw All” if you wish to extract all NFTs and rewards and complete your mining.

Note: If you complete your mining within 7 days of commencement you will lose 10% of your mining rewards.

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