The Application Scenarios for Tusima’s Privacy Computing Technology


The goal of privacy computing is to hide crucial bits of data during circulation so that the data is “accessible but not visible” in the whole process. Tusima uses privacy computing technologies to preserve data security and increase operational efficiency. It can be widely used in many fields, including privacy transactions, DeFi lending, decentralized storage, and traditional finance.

In real-world scenarios, if data is not protected, it’s easy for others to copy or steal data in the distribution process. However, if the data is safeguarded in the traditional manner, “data silos” will hinder its circulation. Thus it is necessary to use privacy computing to technically solve the dilemma between privacy and security of data.

Privacy computing works by encrypting data first, then allowing the data processor to compute directly on it and report the results. Privacy computing can intervene to varying degrees at each stage of processing the data. As a data processor, it ensures that the owner’s data rights and privacy are protected, and the data processor is permitted to process the data and obtain the desired result.

Tusima is a public blockchain platform for privacy computing and provides privacy protection services for public chains and distributed applications. Through Tusima, data can be “accessible and invisible” in the circulation process, fully releasing the mobility of the data world.

Application scenarios for Tusima privacy computing technology include:

Privacy Transactions

In the current blockchain network, the transaction content needs to be broadcast explicitly and the transaction address is visible to the whole network. Transparency has become a shackle limiting the landing of commercial applications in the public chain as the details of the transaction should not be published except to the two parties to the agreement for privacy purposes. Tusima can provide a privacy transaction service for DeFi applications. It applies the ZK Rollup protocol, which has high scalability and may hide the value and metadata of the transaction. No one can deduce accurate information about the transaction from public data.

DeFi Lending

Tusima’s privacy protections make DeFi lending widely available. With the protection of Tusima’s privacy computing, users can get their own credit assessment after providing data, such as financial and other behavioral data without public disclosure. The loan provider then calculates the amount of credit available to the user, allowing DeFi to expand from early adopters to a broader mass market.

Decentralized Storage

Tusima can encrypt data without exposing it through secure multi-party computation. It uses zero-knowledge proofs to verify data storage tasks and capacity, minimizing the amount of verified data while also safeguarding the data without exposing the stored data information. At the same time, TEE encrypts and stores user data on the nodes. In other words, no one other than the user himself has access to the data.

Traditional Finance

A traditional financial supply chain typically involves multiple institutions collaborating. However, since finance requires risk control independence, data is not interoperable among institutions, which may result in inefficiencies. Tusima’s privacy computing technology enables collaborative analysis of privacy data without disclosing the original data information, resolving privacy issues that arise when privacy data held unilaterally by an institution needs to be used collaboratively by different parties involved in the whole supply chain.




Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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