The Advantage of Putting Games on the Blockchain

In recent years, the development of the game industry has been rising steadily. Both PC gaming and mobile gaming are growing. The game Glory of King launched by Tencent has exploded the mobile game market in China and even the whole world in recent years.

However, the game industry also faces with many problems in the development process. Examples include the theft of virtual assets, falsification of game data, and the devaluation of equipment

The Advantage of Putting Games on the Blockchain

Gamers and operators are currently stand in opposition, because all the rules are in the hands of the operators. But putting the rules of the game on the blockchain would change the existing relationship.

First, if we put rules on the blockchain, it means the code must be open source, and the player can clearly know if the operators is cheating during the operation. Such as the probability of getting the equipment, the balance of the game and so on. When the core mechanism of the game is put on the blockchain, players can understand the game rules that were only hidden in the centralized server in the past, which creates stronger trust between operators and players. In this way, the activity of the game community and the loyalty of players will be improved, and the life cycle of the game will be extended better.

It takes a lot of time, money, energy and so on to play a game. But these hard-earned virtual assets can easily be stolen by hackers, causing irreparable losses. If you put these data on the blockchain and make use of the natural security of the blockchain, you can change the disadvantages of the previous centralized data storage mode, so that your data can be stored permanently and will not be tampered with.

From a user’s perspective, the user’s assets in a game are usually only valuable in that game. If you played a game before and stopped playing it after a while, all of your previous gains in that game would be zero. At present, game equipment trading can only establish a third-party centralized trading platform or make agreements with other players, which has huge potential risks. However, if you put virtual assets on the blockchain, when you give up a game, the achievements and equipment obtained in the previous game will be converted into corresponding points in the new game. So no matter what game you give up, the cost you paid in the game will not be wasted.

All assets are owned by players, free from the influence of traditional game developers and investors, and most likely to protect players’ interests from damage.

What Issues Need to be Solved to Put the Game on Blockchain

In essence, users’ achievements, credits and virtual items in the game are all data. Due to the limitations of blockchain performance, the current games that can run on the blockchain must not be games like DOTA2 or CSGO, which can only be very simple. If the goal is to develop a new blockchain game, the first problem it has to solve is the blockchain’s performance problems, such as throughput, storage bandwidth, and so on. For example, the well-known blockchain[b3] game CryptoKitties, which accounts for only 16% of the total trading volume in the Ethereum square, has caused serious congestion and nearly paralysis. Of course, in addition to the problems of the basic performance of blockchain, the lack of professional talents is also the reason why it is difficult for blockchain games to land.

While putting game data on blockchain and developing blockchain games still has a long way to go, it is very much to look forward to. In the future, users’ assets in the game can be traded safely. For game developers, putting game rewards on the blockchain can also increase revenue by taking money from transactions.



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