Recap of the AMA with Trias Japan CEO

On October 29th, we held an AMA with the new CEO of Trias Japan, Kitano Yoshikatsu. We talked about the future plan of Trias Japan, the value of NFT and the uniqueness of Triathon metaverse. Following is the recap.

Session 1: Online interview

1. What previous blockchain projects have you worked on before, and what experiences are you bringing into Trias?

It’s a good question giving me an opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Y.KITANO. I started to set foot in the blockchain industry in 2017. At that time, I established the second-largest bitcoin mining farm in Japan with my partners.

Meanwhile, I also helped Japanese companies apply for the license of cryptocurrency exchange. However, due to the sharp decline of bitcoin prices in 2018, the mining farm was sold and I established a technology company called Worldgo. It mainly focuses on transforming and upgrading traditional industries with blockchain technology.

At that time, I contacted the Trias project and communicated with the project leaders many times. I felt that the project was very potential. And now, I have been the CEO of Trias Japan. Thank Anbang for his trust in me.

2. What is the purpose for Trias Japan? What are you most excited about the Trias project? What are the opportunities for Trias in Japan? What attracted you to a career in the blockchain/crypto space?

Today, Japan is the world’s second-largest digital asset trading market, with more than 10 million digital asset investors. In addition, affected by the epidemic, Japan launched an economic stimulus plan of one billion yen, accounting for nearly 20% of Japan’s GDP, which is much higher than the U.S. version of the economic stimulus plan launched by the trump government, and there is great inflationary pressure.

In this context, Japanese traders’ demand for digital asset trading has increased significantly, and the scale of the digital asset trading market will further expand in 2021.

So this is an opportunity for us and why Trias chose Japan.

3. We see many NFTs getting value for speculation reasons no matter the art behind them. Do you believe that Triathon is going to change this by focusing on NFTs’ true usecase rather than collectible or trading reasons?

NFT liquidity is very important. If it cannot be solved, even if a new wave of heat comes, it is only a concept based on fomo hype, and good application scenarios and community participation cannot be expected. I think only by solving the liquidity problem of NFT can we truely discover the value of NFT assets.

In order to solve the liquidity problem, compared with other forms, the game is one of the most common application scenarios of NFT. The props, weapons, equipment, points and reward system in the game can be made into natural NFT assets. NFT can help form a better ecology in the game and increase the liquidity of game tokens.

The combination feature of NFT is very common in games. We design flexible combination and decomposition modes to adapt to this application scenario. I know there are many professionals in our community, so we also need more suggestions from the community.

4. What are the specific objectives of TRIAS Japan compared to the team in China?

As a world-famous “animation kingdom”, Japan has an irreplaceable influence in the field of global animation. Many IP were very popular but slowly fade out of people’s vision. I feel pity for this situation. And with the outbreak of NFTs in recent years, many projects have made some products imitating Japanese IP.

Then I wonder why we just imitate. Just go straight to cooperate with those IP! Therefore, it is likely that more Japanese super IP will enter the NFT market soon. You can imagine how exciting if Triathon cooperate with GUNDAM, GHOST IN THE SHELL and other IP to launch NFTs.

Of course, I also plan to contact the Japanese Cartoonist Association next, and maybe ask someone to help us design a set of our unique IP belonging to Triathon.

5. The crypto world is currently bombarded with many different options, most of them with better adoption than Trias. How do you plan to bring Trias to the masses?

This is also the problem I want to solve. There are two methods in order to solve it. The first one is to cooperate with famous Japanese IP, and issuing NFT cards, NFT blind boxes, NFT collections, etc.

The second one is to help build Triathon, which allows users to test chains by playing games.

6. Is Japan the first step to go global? What are the challenges that you expect? What is the grade of acceptance of TRIAS in Japan?

I think Trias has already been a global project. The biggest challenge is to make Trias the most famous and popular project in Japan. This is not easy and the team should and will work hard on it.

I believe that in view of the future global business development, it would be very beneficial to use my expertise for global development.

Session 2: Free Q&A

1. What’s your global plan and focus? Currently, do you just focus on marketing, building and developing customers or seeking more cooperation?

We pay more attention to liquidity, a self-supply mechanism. Liquidity will bring more liquidity, which is exactly what users need. At the same time, we also have to do something to meet the liquidity we need.

2. You’ve mentioned that you will work hard on cooperating with the famous IP of Japan. The core problem of NFT is IP. How will you cooperate with the IP owner? What benefits would you bring for IP owners?

In Japan, every secondary creation needs to be supervised and edited by the IP owner, and the IP owner has the right to distribute it until the supervision and edit are completed.

For IP, the advantage is that NFT’s creation can make the IP more famous. They can add applications and scenarios of IP so that they get higher exposure for the brand.

On the other hand, every IP exposure and blind box sales also bring them considerable benefits. That’s what Triathon will do in cooperation.

3. In the ongoing Metaverse trending, what roles do you think Trias, Triathon and Trias Japan act as?

Trias is building a metaverse now. That is Triathon. But what makes Triathon so unique in the massive Metaverses is that it will solve the problem that existed in the real world by conducting testing on Chains. What’s even unique is that the testing is not conducted by the professional but everyone because Triathon is a game. As for Trias Japan, as I have mentioned just now, we will work on IP to bring Trias Metaverse bigger impact, and we will also spare no effort to promote Trias metaverse in Japan, as well as in Asia.

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