Recap of the AMA with Trias Japan CEO

Session 1: Online interview

1. What previous blockchain projects have you worked on before, and what experiences are you bringing into Trias?

2. What is the purpose for Trias Japan? What are you most excited about the Trias project? What are the opportunities for Trias in Japan? What attracted you to a career in the blockchain/crypto space?

3. We see many NFTs getting value for speculation reasons no matter the art behind them. Do you believe that Triathon is going to change this by focusing on NFTs’ true usecase rather than collectible or trading reasons?

4. What are the specific objectives of TRIAS Japan compared to the team in China?

5. The crypto world is currently bombarded with many different options, most of them with better adoption than Trias. How do you plan to bring Trias to the masses?

6. Is Japan the first step to go global? What are the challenges that you expect? What is the grade of acceptance of TRIAS in Japan?

Session 2: Free Q&A

1. What’s your global plan and focus? Currently, do you just focus on marketing, building and developing customers or seeking more cooperation?

2. You’ve mentioned that you will work hard on cooperating with the famous IP of Japan. The core problem of NFT is IP. How will you cooperate with the IP owner? What benefits would you bring for IP owners?

3. In the ongoing Metaverse trending, what roles do you think Trias, Triathon and Trias Japan act as?

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