Participate in Triathon NFT Storytelling Contest to win special NFTs

NFT Forge has been online for 10 days with over 4000 NFTs forged. Everyone is wondering what is the meaning of the words on those NFTs and how to define their scarcity and their value. Everyone holds their own opinion on these questions. Therefore, we initiate a storytelling contest in which you can make up stories based on the words on your NFTs to answer the above questions.

Contest Info

Submission Deadline: 16th October, 10 am UTC

Voting Time: 16th October, 10 am UTC — 23rd October, 10 am UTC


Each participant will receive an NFT part as a reward. And there will be 6 winners in this contest. Each winner will be rewarded with a special NFT, which can be auctioned or collected. Followings are the prize settings:

  • The funniest story
  • The creepiest story
  • The most insightful story
  • The most moving story
  • The most horrible story
  • The most intense story


  • All the winners are decided by the number of votes they get on Telegram.
  • NFT part is a new kind of NFTs that can be used to upgrade your spaceships to Triathon NFT weapons and will be released soon.

Follow these steps:

Stage 1: Writing and submitting stories

Submission Deadline: 16th October, 10 am UTC

  • Make and publish stories based on your own Triathon NFTs.

Note: Each Triasurer can participate in the contest multi times with different stories, as well as different NFTs.

  • Post the story and the images of your NFTs on your Twitter tagging #triathon #trias and @ Trias_ one @triaslab.
  • Synchronize content to Triathon Discord (Category: NFT STORYTELLING CONTEST| Channel: nft-stories).
  • Submit information form.
  • The team will review and number the content, and then retweet some of the works.

Stage 2: Voting

Voting Time: 16th October, 10 am UTC — 23rd October, 10 am UTC

  • The poll channel will be open on October 16th and all qualified works will be listed in it. Users can vote for the works they think best fit for the above rewards.
  • Participants can promote their content on major social media platforms and canvass.
  • Discussion on the works is welcomed in the discussion channel.


  • Participants need to make and publish their stories on Triathon NFTs on the specified social media platforms.
  • Each participant will get an NFT part as a reward.
  • Participants can canvass in various ways once the stories are submitted.

Suggested Content

Stories based on your NFTs are welcomed. Suggested content directions are as follows:

  • Write a story directly with the words on the NFTs;
  • Imagine a story based on the words on the NFTs;
  • Make up stories that happened among your NFTs.

Note: There is no limit to the number of words.

Content Requirements

  • The works should be creative rather than copy-paste.
  • Language: English
  • The content subject must be Triathon NFTs. Otherwise, it will be disqualified.
  • Content must conform to all copyright laws.

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