Participate in a series of airdrop events to earn $TRIAS worthy of 💰$10000

To welcome the release of Triathon Whitepaper and celebrate the 1st BSC anniversary, We are going to launch a series of airdrop events!

Events Info

1. Win a whitelist spot

There are two ways of winning the whitelist spots:

1) Hold at least 10 TRIAS in your BSC wallet. We are going to airdrop 250 whitelist spots on BSC addresses which:

a. hold more than 10 TRIAS at 10:00 UTC, August 31st;

b. fill out the form:

2) Answer questions about Triathon after Triathon whitepaper is released. 250 whitelist spots will be allocated to those who give the correct answers. Therefore, stay tuned for the release of Triathon whitepaper.


  • You can participate in either or both ways while each user can only win one blind box at most.
  • The winners’ list will be announced by September 1st.

2. Open your blind box

After claiming the blind box, you can get an NFT randomly from V1 to V5 in it. The followings are the details of NFTs. The higher the level is, the higher the mining efficiency will be.

The NFT can be staked to participate in mining to get $10000 rewards in TRIAS.

NFTs are also available to trade in the SecondLive NFT market.

3. Start NFT mining

✅ Start time: Every 12:00 PM from Sep 2nd to Sep 7th.

✅ Mining duration: 7 days

✅ Mining pool: $10,000 token in each project

Detailed information will be released in the following days. Please stay tuned.

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