How to deposit and withdraw TRIAS between Kucoin and Heco with Kucoin cross bridge

Español version: Cómo depositar y retirar TRIAS entre Kucoin y Heco con el puente cruzado Kucoin

  1. Enter the home page of Kucoin, and click the search box.

2. Enter “TRIAS” in the search box and click it. You can also mark it by lighting up the star on the right for convenience.

3. Enter the detailed page of TRIAS and click the button on the bottom to buy.

4. Enter your target price and quantity in the input box respectively, as shown in the right figure, and then click “Buy TRIAS”.

5. After the purchase, click “Asset” at the bottom right to enter the asset page;

6. Withdraw TRIAS by clicking “Withdraw”

7. Choose “TRIAS” when withdrawing.

8. Fill in the currency withdrawal address (pay attention to select HECO) and quantity in the input box respectively

9. Click “confirm”;

10. Confirm the withdrawal information and click “Confirm”

11. Enter the password and verification code and click “Confirm”

12. If the withdrawal is successful, you can go to metamask or other wallets that support HECO to check

Note: If there is no TRIAS in your wallet, you can click “Import token” in your wallet and input the address of TRIAS(0xa4838122c683f732289805FC3C207Febd55BabDD).

Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems

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