Aug 19, 2021

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How to participate in Trias x DEGO NFT mining event?

The joint mining event of Trias and DEGO is coming again. Take your exclusive NFTs and explore the deep ocean together!

The theme of this event is 「Ocean Trek」. Users can exchange TRIAS for Sea Monster NFT and use the NFTs to mine treasures worthy of 5000 TRIAS in Trias mining pool on DEGO.

Event Info

Starting time: 12: 00 UTC, August 19, 2021

Mining cycle: 60 days

Ending time: 12: 00 UTC, October 19, 2021

Mining rewards: 5000 TRIAS

*Note:10% reward will be deducted for withdrawal within 3 days

NFT info of Sea Monsters

*Power = DEGO Par Value * Mining Efficiency

How to obtain Sea Monster NFTs

Users can deposit a certain number (0.1–1000) of TRIAS in DEGO Foundry to cast their own Sea Monster NFT. The more they deposit, the better the future revenue will be. Lv1-Lv5 Sea Monster NFT is randomly generated during casting. The number of Lv6 is limited to 100, and the level will affect the mining income.

NFTs: LV1-LV6 (6)

Random casting NFTs: LV1-LV5

Limited casting: 100 LV6

Accepted Tokens: TRIAS

Casting value: 0.1 ≤ x ≤ 1000

Gas fee: 0.1 DEGO

Decomposition cycle: 60 days

Due to the high scarcity of LV6 NFTs, users can only get it by participating in Trias events. Relevant events will be released in the near future. Please stay tuned!

How to mine?

1. Open DEGO official website: , then enter into DEGO foundry and link wallet;

2. Use TRIAS to cast an original sea monster NFT;

3. After entering the number of Trias placed in NFT, click Casting NFT;

4. Obtain the Sea Monster NFT;

5. Go back to DEGO homepage, click Gego and select mining page;

6. Find and click the Sea Monster NFT mining pool.

7. Select your NFT and click Approve.

8. Click Staking to start mining.

9. If you want to end mining, you can click Withdraw All to get your reward. However, it should be noted that if you withdraw the staked NFTs within 7 days after starting mining, you will lose 10% of the mining reward.

*Note: the above is the basic operation process. The detailed graphic tutorial will be published after the mining event is officially launched. Follow our Twitter( and join the TG( to keep updated.

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