How to participate in the mining of the BSC Anniversary event

The NFT mining to celebrate BSC anniversary in SecondLive metaverse has started. Users who claim NFTs from blind boxes can participate in mining events: Stake NFTs to earn TRIAS.

Starting Time: 12:00 PM September 2nd

Mining Cycle: 7 days

Mining Pool: TRIAS worthy of $ 10,000


  1. Enter the event page:
  2. Click “Connet Wallet” in the upper right corner to connect the wallet.

3. Click “Start”.

4. Click “Bind Email”.

5. After filling in the relevant information, click the “Save” to complete the Email binding.

  1. Download SecondLive according to your operating system.

2. Install it.

  1. Open SecondLive and sign in with your bound email.

2. When entering for the first time, you need to set the nickname and the appearance of the character. After setting, click “Save”.

3. Go back to the homepage and enter the BSC anniversary event page.

4. Use the direction keys and the mouse to control the movement of the character and go to Trias booth, which is located in booth 16 of hall 4;

5. Click the blind box at Trias booth, and then the blind box opening page jumps out.

1. Click “Draw” to open the blind box and complete the relevant confirmation in the wallet.

2. Obtain a TRIAS NFT. Click “Mining Portal” and go to the mining page.

3. Click “Stake NFT”, and enter the number of NFTs you want to stake.

4. Click “confirm” and complete the relevant confirmation in the wallet

5. After the staking succeeds, mining starts. You can view your reward and computing power here.

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