How to add gain TRIAS LP tokens in Trias NFT liquidity mining event?

3 min readJun 21, 2021



1) Please reserve a certain amount of BNB in your wallet in advance because all the operations on BSC chain require BNB as the gas fee.

2) Please prepare TRIAS and BUSD in your wallet in advance because both of them are required to add liquidity to the TRIAS/BUSD trading pool.

3) BUSD can be withdrawn to the wallet after being purchased from Binance or exchanges that support BUSD.

4) How to obtain TRIAS token:



2) Click “Trade” on the left column and select “Liquidity”.

3) Click “Add Liquidity”.

4) Click “Select a currency”, and enter the contract. address(0xa4838122c683f732289805FC3C207Febd55BabDD) of TRIAS in the search box to add TRIAS.

5) Click “Select a currency”, and enter “BUSD” in the search box to add BUSD. Don’t enter any other token on the search box, or you will fail to get LP tokens.

6) Fill in the number of liquidity you want to add in the input box. Just select any one of the two input boxes to fill in, and the system will automatically calculate the corresponding number of the other.

Please prepare certain amounts of TRIAS and BUSD in advance.

How to obtain TRIAS token:

7) Click “Supply”.

8) After confirming the transaction information, click “Confirm Supply”.

9) After the confirmation in the wallet, the liquidity is added.

10) You have become a Trias liquidity provider. LP token information can be viewed on the “liquidity” page. To start mining, you have to hold 5 TRIAS at least.

11) Go back to the NFT mining page, and continue to stake LP tokens.

12)If you want to find LP token on Metamask, you can click “add token” and input the contract address (0x118ed46a6ea1ad0938cd637536d4351734ce16ee), then your token would be found here.




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