How to add liquidity for TRIAS on Heco?

Español version: ‎¿Cómo agregar liquidez para TRIAS en Heco?‎


1.Install Metamask on your PC;


2. Or install TokenPocket on your phone;


3. Prepare some HT to pay gas fee. HT can be withdrawn from Huobi or other exchanges supporting HT;

4. Prepare HUSD to purchase TRIAS. You can swap it with HT or withdraw it from the exchanges supporting HT.

Trade TRIAS on MDEX:

Add HECO Network

1. Open MetaMask, click 「Ethereum Mainnet」on the top and click 「Custom RPC」from drop-down list;

2、Enter the following information and save;

Mainnet parameters are as follows:

2. Set the MetaMask network as Heco Mainne3

Add liquidity

1. Enter the official website of MDEX and choose HECO network;

2. Click “Pool” to enter the liquidity page;

3. After entering into the trading page, click “Connect to wallet” and complete confirmation in the wallet;

4. Choose “Add Liquidity”;

5. Click the button to choose token;

6. Choose HUSD in the token list;

7. Click “Select”;

8. Select TRIAS in the token list;

9. After choosing trading pair, enter the amount of token you want to add into liquidity, the amount of TRIAS needed will be calculated automatically. Click “Approve TRIAS” and complete related confirmation in the wallet;

10. Click “Supply”;

11.Click “Confirm Supply” and complete relevant confirmation in the wallet;

12. After the trading, you can view the Liquidity information in Your Liquidity. If you want to continue adding liquidity, just click the Add button and repeat the above operation;



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