Deploying Public Chains on Trias

Completing the testnet of its Leviatom structure, Trias team has optimized the throughput performance of the TEE supernodes per second and can further deploy other public chains on its Leviatom network, improving both scalability and security.

Deploying Ethereum on Trias

There are many defects in the blockchain application based on Ethereum, including high transaction costs, low network congestion efficiency and poor scalability, which urgently requires a breakthrough in technology and architecture.

The Advantages of Ethereum Deployed on Trias

In consideration of the Ethereum architecture design, it would be difficult to switch from PoW to PoS if consensus mechanisms were changed. But, if Ethereum runs on Trias, the compatible interface can be upgraded and directly replace its underlying PoW consensus mechanism with the heterogeneous consensus algorithm based on TEE. Through the TEE credibility value, it can find a more secure and robust super consensus node enabling transactions and consensus is safer, faster and more efficient. As a result, it will boost Ethereum moving from the tedious PoW to the PoS consensus mechanism.

The Current Progress

Trias team has optimized the throughput performance of the TEE supernodes per second, and the transaction performance of TPS increased about 1 time more than the first release. The current speed has reached 20 times more than Ethereum, which has greatly improved the performance of the blockchain. TEE supernodes will first retrieve data in the cache layer when reading and writing. This optimization is mainly for the cache layer of the supernodes, which improves the data concurrency and size of the cache layer, thereby improving the TPS of the system. In the ideal situation of the network, the TPS has reached 400 times of Ethereum.

About TEE and Layer ‘-1’

TEE (Trusted Execution Environment) is a technology that guarantees computations to be not interfered with by the hosting operating system. It is a separated execution environment running in parallel with Rich OS, providing security services for the Rich OS environment. Applications in TEE access hardware and software resources independently from the Rich OS and all the other applications. TEE currently includes Intel SGX, Intel TXT, TPM, ARM Trustzone.

The Layer “-1” Network is an all-platform-supported native-application-compatible smart contract execution platform, development framework and collaborating ecosystem built in Trias. Leviatom, one of Trias’s three subsystems, integrates Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) and Graph algorithms to achieve the correct execution of general-purpose software. Leviatom implements a Heterogeneous Consensus Graph (HCGraph) algorithm, which combines heterogeneous TEE technologies and graph computing algorithms.

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