Dec 11, 2018

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Can Pluggable Architecture Solve the Unspeakable Bottleneck of Ethereum?

The theme of salon began with “Pluggable Architecture” and went through the discussion of consensus, it finally falled into the pain of EOS and Ethereum.

The war of fork, really no solution?

For the public chain, there is no doubt that Ethereum and EOS enjoy the highest popularity, they have made gratifying progress in the past development, but their development has entered a bottleneck due to the limitations of their own consensus algorithm. From the dialectical point of view, consensus algorithm is in the continuous development. Currently, no algorithm can adapt to all the requirements, so it will be an urgently new and improved technology on the basis of existing innovation.

However, blockchain is naturally decentralized, regardless of Ethereum or EOS, they are suffering from the bottleneck in their algorithm for projects.

Pluggable architecture is step onto the stage. Pluggable consensus algorithm and the application layer ultimately are used to maintain project’s upgradeability and sustainability. In Song Yingjie’s introduction, factors of convenience, cost reduction and maintenance easily are virtually important strength of pluggable structure.

Meanwhile, Song Yingjie also made an analysis of the six design principles of pluggable architecture one by one, under the leadership of Professor Shen Qingni of the School of Software & Microelectronics at PKU, everyone made in-depth discussion on the Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP).

The so-called LSP refers to that functions use pointers or references to base classes must be able to use objects of derived classes without knowing it. The word consensus must be familiar to all of us. Consensus exists widely in the world of human beings and animals. And it refers to the consistent understanding of one event in a group.

Among the elephants, the consensus is for the oldest female to be the leader. Among the monkeys, it is generally agreed that the strongest male monkey is the monkey king, and that in the United States, the president would be basically the most publicist. In the formation of consensus, the following law is followed, the object of consensus is clear but its criteria often obscure. Generally speaking, the less clear standard, the longer process of forming consensus.

In the US presidential election, for example, the two candidates will often form a long tug-of-war, until the last minute can be divided between victory and defeat. Consensus algorithm refers to the consensus achieved by computer programs, and it is only applicable to distributed systems. With the development of Bitcoin and the concept of blockchain, the research on consensus algorithm has reached a peak.

As we said earlier, there is no perfect consensus algorithm. Only suitable for a project consensus algorithm, but the project is not static, and the traditional consensus algorithm in the public chain is difficult to make changes, at this time, in order to achieve the exchange of some algorithms, pluggable architecture came into being.

Song Yingjie also briefly outlined the pluggable architecture of the three-layer structure, namely, the main framework, consensus algorithm unit and general functional modules. If you know more details, you can be added to our communication group for in-depth discussion.

After introducing the pluggable architecture, Wang Yuchen, Ph.D. candidate at Peking University, made an analysis and overview of the Ethereum extended instruction.

At the end of the salon, Trias core developer Song Yingjie, and Professor Shen Qingni, Professor Fang Yuejian, as well as a number of Ph.D. candidates from the School of Software & Microelectronics at PKU had an in-depth and heated discussion on the consensus.

In particular, the emergence of bitcoin cash and the recent bitcoin cash hard fork again become the hot topics. At one point, they discussed the issue of the international funding model for the project and decided on the theme of the next salon

Whether you are interested in blockchain technology and Trias projects, or want to communicate with us in doubt, you can discuss with us. Now, throw the problem into our community or group, come on and participate!

Maybe the theme of the salon at the next event will be up to you!

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